Haiti Raises Death Toll to 230,000

With CBS news closely following the Haiti earthquake that occurred on Jan. 12, new death-toll estimates have emerged. On the day of this tragedy, the Haiti government estimated 150,000 dead. But as of now the death toll is 230,000 and counting. There are many bodies being uncovered every day, which will continue tot increase the death toll. The number of fatalities may never be known for certain, because an unknown number of bodies have been buried by family members and have not been counted by the government. Aside from this growing death toll, there were more than 300,000 injured, including some 4,000 amputees. Disease, violence, malnutrition and infection are also still large problems that continue to affect Haiti's death toll.

Issues of immediacy continue in Haiti, with factors such as getting proper food, water and necessities to people for survival. The horrible tragedy has had a significant impact on not only Haiti, but the rest of the world. Nations throughout the world have been reacting by sending food, supplies and medical personnel to Haiti. This shocking event, the magnitude of which is difficult to comprehend, has resulted in some positive, uplifting stories of people being found in the rubble, and acts of heroism among the rescuers. A large aspect of this story lies within the emotion that these people are dealing with. Many families lost loved ones and many people all around the world are feeling this sense of pain and suffering due to this earthquake.

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