Survey: 9.1 percent of state residents without health insurance

According to the Shakopee Valley News, within the past two years (2007-2009) Minnesota has seen an increase in the number of people who do not have health insurance. A telephone survey was conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health along with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, which showed the increase is due mainly to people losing their employee health care plans. With all of the rising problems of unemployment, the topic of health care reform remains prominent. While people losing their jobs in Minnesota and elsewhere affects health care coverage, factors such as race and age are also significant.

The proximity of this news event, being within the state of Minnesota has a great deal of interest to me as a reader. The impact of people within Minnesota being uninsured makes this a huge issue, as well as my age and racial identity on this topic of health care. The proposed health care reform plan causes issues of discrepancy and thus elements of conflict are present. Emotional aspects are also very likely due to the large and increasing number of individuals dealing with this issue.

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