Obama's Inaugural Address: abc and msnbc

The leads for these stories are both very different. The way in which MSNBC introduces President Obama's inaugural address is in an attractive and fame based ideal. This lead was a very appealing way to introduce something that the "less political" audience may find in some way attractive. This speech primarily focused on exactly what the lead set it up to be, a celebrity-like appeal to the younger and more "hip" audience (comparable to President John Kennedy). This article focused on a majority of celebrities that attended, Obama's two young girls showing off their dance moves as well as the president himself having a fun and romanticized night. The writer also notes the negatives to nights like this with long lines, coat checks and not very appealing food.
The way in which the writer sets this story up is to show the fun in events like his inauguration, but then slightly emphasizing the work that will begin the morning after this fun night.

The lead for the ABC news gave a way different tone than that of MSNBC. ABC news emphasized the "burden" that Obama would have once obtaining presidency. They quoted Obama reinstating that we are in a time of a crisis, with our nation at war and a weakened economy.
The writer used this lead to set up the ways in which Obama addressed solutions to these problems. With this, he used a very inspirational quote that set up this metaphor perfectly: "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking America."

The writer then focuses in on one of Obama's most important "themes" and mentions that the way in which Obama presents himself is similar to that of President Kennedy.
Overall although both of these pieces covered the inaugural address, the information that was given had a lot of variation in what these two writers focused on. Both writers covered very different angles, which drew attention to different types of readers. MSNBC would seem to be more appealing to the "younger" or more "celebrity-based" individual. Whereas the ABC piece might appeal to the more factual, political or historical-based audience that wants to know changes that will be made.

Msbc news: By Associated Press (AP style)

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