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Recently we've placed more emphasis on online training (for a variety of very valid reasons) but we've realized we miss the opportunities in-person training gave us to visit campuses and libraries and meet real people instead of always interacting with folks as disembodied voices over the phone or as text coming through e-mail. So last month I jumped at an opportunity to drive down to the Mankato area to pay some visits to libraries that had contacted us recently with questions.
One of the libraries I visited was Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. New Ulm is a lovely town with strong German heritage clearly evident in much of the architecture. Even though it was a grey and rainy day, I was still impressed by the college's dramatic (for MN at least) hilltop location with a panoramic view of the town in the valley below. New Ulm may be best known as the home of a statue affectionately known as Hermann the German, located right across the street from the college; the home of Wanda Gag, children's author and illustrator; and Schell's brewery. (I didn't get there on this trip...)

Martin Luther College has approximately 800 students. The library has been an OCLC member since 1978. I was amused to see signs in the library directing patrons to "Starbooks" – a room on the lower level nicely outfitted with ambient lighting and comfortable chairs, where coffee and hot chocolate are available in the evenings.

And yes, in addition to all my sightseeing I was able to meet with the College's systems guru to talk about extracting a file of their OCLC MARC records to assist them in a planned system migration. Sitting down in person was a helpful way to work through some complicated issues.

So, maybe your library staff needs some Cataloging, OCLC, or ILL training. Maybe you have a complex situation or workflow on which you'd like our perspective. Maybe you want to be sure you're using OCLC services effectively. Maybe you just want to show off your library. Let us know! Maybe we'll be able drop by and spend some time.

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