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Do you like interesting stats?

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We have extra copies of the OCLC Annual Report 2006/2007. 
It is actually more interesting than you might think -- it includes stats on things like the number of records by format, further distinguished by LC or member input; or the date ranges of records; as well as the more standard year-in-review type information.

 Some "did you knows":

    • WorldCat includes 9,975 records for items "published" before 1 B.C.
    • Only 53% of the records in WorldCat are for items published in English
    • 31.6% of OCLC Governing Members are College and University libraries, 22% are Public libraries, while K-12 schools make up 8.7%, and Community College & Vocation schools are 7.8%

If you'd like a copy of the report, please e-mail Carlos Portillo at porti002@umn.edu and we'll send you one, or you can view the pdf file at:

2007 Top Ten Catalogers in the MINITEX region

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Looking back to 2007, catalogers in the MINITEX region were busy! As a whole, you cataloged 23,541 original records in WorldCat (about an 8% increase since calendar year 2006). Last year about this time we put together a list of the top 10 libraries contributing original records to WorldCat, and below you will find the top 10 list for 2007.

The same caveats apply as listed in last year's post. The list does not include any libraries that happen to batchload their holdings to OCLC. It only includes libraries that created original records using either Connexion client or Connexion browser. NOTE: The stats were pulled for the last calendar year (January 2007-December 2007).

1. Minnesota State University-Mankato (2,429)
2. North Dakota State Library (2,346)
3. Metro State University (1,240)
4. MINITEX Contract Cataloging (1,202)
5. Hennepin County Library, MN (1,032)
6. Minnesota Historical Society (886)
7. State Historical Society of North Dakota (853)
8. Traverse Des Sioux Library System, MN (822)
9. Pioneerland Library System, MN (766)
10. South Dakota State Library (598)

If you're interested in finding out how to access your own institution's stats, check out the resources below:


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