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Working with Genre Headings in Connexion Client

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Last fall the Library of Congress began distributing genre authority records. (An example of a Genre authority record is ARN 7519072, Fiction films.) At the same time OCLC enhanced Connexion Client to enable us to search the LC authority file for genre records using the new Genre index (ge:) so that they can be displayed and exported. The Genre index label is included in the index dropdown list in authority search and browse dialogs in Connexion client 2.00 and 2.10.

Now with Connexion Client 2.10 we can control genre headings tagged as 655, second indicator zero.

To control genre heading(s): go to the Edit menu and click on Control Headings.

Please note: LC is adding genre headings very gradually. So far, only headings for motion pictures, television programs, and videos are included.


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