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Dewey Classification: Online Training

For those of you wanting Dewey training, help is at hand!

OCLC is developing online training courses in Dewey classification. As it says on the Website, these training materials are “focused on the needs of experienced librarians who need Dewey application training.” The offerings will eventually include a basic course with 12 sections on the structure and use of the DDC, and a series of short modules based on special topics. The following sections of the Basic Course are already prepared in draft form:

  • Technical Introduction to the DDC (2.5 hours); Exercises for Technical Introduction (1 hour)
  • WebDewey: Basics (1 hour)
  • Introduction to Table 1 (1 hour); Exercises for Table 1 (1 hour)

Currently, there are 7 Short Modules planned, and three are now ready in draft form (one is a repeat of the first section of the Basic Course):

  • Technical Introduction to the DDC* (Refresher) (2.5 hours); Exercises for Technical Introduction (1 hour)
  • Choice of Number Review (.5 hour); Exercises for Choice of Number Review (.5 hour)
  • Number Building: Add Tables (1 hour); Exercises for Number Building: Add Tables (1 hour)

These courses are not easy to find. In fact, as far as I can tell, you can’t get to them without this direct link to the Dewey Training Courses.

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