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It is with decidedly mixed emotions that I announce the retirements of Kay Beaudrie and Virginia Dudley from Minitex on June 5.

Kay Beaudrie’s retirement comes just one month shy of her 20th anniversary here! Her pre-Minitex career included stints in the libraries of North Park College and Rosary College in Illinois, Alverno College and Marquette University in Wisconsin, and General Mills, here in Minnesota. She joined Minitex as an OCLC Coordinator and, later, became the Manager of the Minitex/OCLC unit. Kay is renowned for her training skills and her ability to clearly explain complex systems or processes. She walked many catalogers and ILL folks through significant (and scary) changes like OCLC’s moves to PRISM and Passport for Windows with a minimum of fuss and stress. I can attest that, as a supervisor, she was supremely patient and encouraging and a textbook example of a servant-leader. In 1998, she moved over to the Minitex Contract Cataloging unit, where she has contributed significant OCLC and cataloging expertise to client libraries and continued her role as trainer and mentor to others in the unit.


We have been very fortunate to have Virginia Dudley as a member of the Minitex BATS unit since 2001. Prior to joining Minitex, she worked in the University of Minnesota Libraries and at Metropolitan State University. As a member of BATS, she quickly got up to speed on OCLC issues and became our expert on OCLC Authorities and all things FRBR or RDA. She stepped up to oversee the unit during my maternity leaves and has been Acting Manager of BATS since late 2007. I have greatly appreciated her dry wit, her high standards and her strong dedication to her job and her colleagues. Virginia’s plans for retirement are still hazy, but definitely include watercolor painting, volunteerism, and identifying income-generating opportunities to shore up her faltering retirement account.


Please join us in thanking Kay and Virginia for their outstanding service to Minitex and our participating libraries throughout the years and in wishing them well as they prepare for Life After Minitex. They will both be missed!

If you would like to contact them, here are their e-mail addresses:

If you have an OCLC or BATS related issue you would normally have contacted Virginia about, please feel free to send it to our BATS e-mail ( or call Minitex and ask for someone in the BATS unit.

-- Carla Dewey Urban

Copy Cataloging Meeting at ALA 2009

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The ACLTS CCS Copy Cataloging Interest Group will meet during the ALA Meeting in Chicago on Saturday, July 11, from 10:30 AM to 12 noon. We’re interested in all things copy cataloging, but for our next meeting we’re particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Copy cataloging for Special Collections.
  • How to train copy catalogers in FRBR and RDA, FRBR being here already and RDA on its way.
  • Copy cataloging for special formats, such as electronic resources.
  • Copy cataloging and vendor records.

Are you doing something in any of these areas that you’d like to share with an eager audience? Would you like to help us explore any of these topics? If so, the Copy Cataloging Interest Group is the place for you! We’re looking for people to speak to the group about any of these topics. If you would like to speak to the group, please contact Gene Dickerson, Chair, or Tatiana Barr, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect with your interest. We’re looking for people to speak for about 15-20 minutes on any of the topics listed above. If you’d like to propose another topic you’re interested in, let us know that, too. Tell us who you are and what topic you’d like to speak about. Don’t be shy! Give us a try! If you want to nominate someone else to speak, let us know who he or she is, along with contact information, and we’ll take it from there.

Gene Dickerson

Tatiana Barr

Eugene Dickerson
Lead Librarian for Cataloging

Ralph J. Bunche Library
U.S. Dept. of State

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