Blast from the Past!

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For those of you who remember the old days of dedicated OCLC terminals, complicated cable arrangements, blinking modems... We found this poem in some old files. It was written by Becky Bell sometime in the late 70s.

(note: Fred Kilgour was the founder of OCLC and "Paul" was a technician there.)

Dirge for OCLC
OCLC, built by Fred
Now our terminal is dead!
Worked for months without a hitch,
Should we throw it in a ditch?
Computer systems built for us
Now they've left us in disgust!

OCLC, built by Fred
WIsh our terminal weren't dead.
Looked so nice while flashing green
Now operators want to scream.
Computer systems built for us
Now they've left us in disgust!

Circuits blew, the screen went blank
Paul asked us if we heard a clank.
No more cursor flashing green
We no longer have a screen.
OCLC, built by Fred
Oh, my Lord, it just turned red!

Does the poem take you back? Share some of your funny OCLC memories with us!

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