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Strange Titles You Might Copy Catalog Someday

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(All of the following title can be found in WorldCat.)
A cow is too much trouble in Los Angeles
Doga: yoga for dogs
Ductigami: the art of the tape
The gangsta rap coloring book
How to defend yourself against alien abduction
How to teach physics to your dog
James Bond: his world of values
The lost art of towel origami
The manga guide to calculus
Round Ireland with a fridge
The thermodynamics of pizza
Toothpick: technology and culture

Site Visit to the Bakken Museum

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On March 12 all of us (Carla, Sara, and both Marks) paid a visit to the Bakken Museum. Located in Minneapolis in a mansion near Lake Calhoun, the Bakken's collection was acquired by Earl Bakken the co-founder of Medtronic and inventor of the portable pacemaker. It is the only institution in the world dedicated to the study of the role of electricity and magnetism in the life sciences and medicine, and we went there to learn more about its resources and the services it offers.

The Bakken's librarian Elizabeth Ihrig gave us a warm welcome. First she took us on a tour of the Museum's exhibits including 'The Spark of Life', 'The Mystery of Magnetism', and 'Electricity in the 18th Century'. Our favorite was 'Frankenstein: Mary Shelley's Dream'. Then we explored the underground vault where hundreds of antique electronic gadgets and thousands of books are kept in climate-controlled conditions. The Library is located in a quiet corner of the building. With its wood paneling, high ceiling, and view of the garden its reading room would be a wonderful place for study. Elizabeth told us that scholars come to the Bakken from around the world do their research and local students visit to work on History Day projects. All in all, the Bakken is a fascinating place to visit. You can learn more about it at

Looking into the Exhibit Hall
Bakken exhibit hall reduced.JPG

Frankenstein's Laboratory

Antique Electrical Instruments in the Vault
vault - gadgets reduced.JPG

A Medieval Manuscript in the Collection
manuscript reduced.JPG

A Corner of the Library Reading Room
library corner reduced.JPG

We took many other pictures, a few of which can be found on our BATS Flickr page.

Connexion Client Support for Windows 7

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Attention OCLC Connexion client users in the region:

If you are on the OCLC-CAT listserv you may have seen discussion about if/when OCLC will support Connexion client on Windows 7 (64 bit) computers.

See below a re-post of a message sent to the OCLC-CAT listserv on March 15, 2010 from David Whitehair, Senior Product Manager, OCLC Cataloging & Metadata Services.

OCLC is pleased to let you know that we will be releasing a new version
of the Windows-based Connexion client sometime over the next year. We
don't have the schedule worked out yet, but since several of you have
asked about, we did want to go ahead and let you know that one has been

We do expect the next release to be compatible with 64 bit versions of
Windows. We know that this is important to many of you.

We will supply more details in the coming months. We haven't yet worked
out all of the changes, the schedule, etc., but we will keep you informed.

The Library of Congress and the Co-Publishers for RDA (Resource Description and Access) have announced that Cataloger's Desktop subscribers will be able to access the RDA (due in June 2010) via Cataloger's Desktop.

Cataloger's Desktop is the Library of Congress's integrated, online documentation system for cataloging and metadata resources. RDA Toolkit is a browser-based, online collection of cataloging-related documents and resources, including RDA (Resource Description and Access).

Once users subscribe to both Desktop and RDA Toolkit, they will also be able to access RDA through Desktop's search and discovery interface. In addition:

  • Once an RDA link is followed, Desktop users can access the full functionality of the RDA Toolkit including workflows).

  • Linking from RDA to LC Policy Statements (the successor to the LC Rule Interpretations) will be provided.

  • The developers are working to make it feasible for subscribers to enter their RDA Toolkit login information in Desktop preferences to access both products with a single login.
  • For more information about RDA and the RDA Toolkit visit

    March Minitex/OCLC Mailing Available

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    The March 2010 Minitex/OCLC Mailing is now available on our website:

    The issue includes:

    • Find Us on Twitter!
    • Spring Savings on OCLC Language Sets
    • New BATS Webinars
    • Search OAIster Records
    • RDA, Why New Cataloging Rules?
    • Classification Revision: The Iraq War
    • MULS Blog Consolidated
    • MULS Spring Webinars
    • OCLC Policies Directory Changes
    • ALCTS Metadata Webinar
    • CONTENTdm 5.3
    • CONTENTdm Featured Collections

    Print copies should arrive next week in the mail if you are on our Mailing list.

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