Resource Description and Access (RDA) in the Cataloger's Desktop

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The Library of Congress and the Co-Publishers for RDA (Resource Description and Access) have announced that Cataloger's Desktop subscribers will be able to access the RDA (due in June 2010) via Cataloger's Desktop.

Cataloger's Desktop is the Library of Congress's integrated, online documentation system for cataloging and metadata resources. RDA Toolkit is a browser-based, online collection of cataloging-related documents and resources, including RDA (Resource Description and Access).

Once users subscribe to both Desktop and RDA Toolkit, they will also be able to access RDA through Desktop's search and discovery interface. In addition:

  • Once an RDA link is followed, Desktop users can access the full functionality of the RDA Toolkit including workflows).

  • Linking from RDA to LC Policy Statements (the successor to the LC Rule Interpretations) will be provided.

  • The developers are working to make it feasible for subscribers to enter their RDA Toolkit login information in Desktop preferences to access both products with a single login.
  • For more information about RDA and the RDA Toolkit visit

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