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Please give us your feedback by Sept. 25th so we can gauge your level of interest in a regional RDA listserv. See below for details.

Minitex RDA E-mail Discussion List Proposal and Survey

As you may know by now, the Library of Congress and other U.S. national libraries have set January 2013 as the date on which they will adopt RDA--barring any last minute complications. And, as goes LC, so goes the rest of the nation's libraries. The Minitex BATS unit is exploring the idea of establishing an e-mail discussion list on RDA for library staff and institutions in the Minitex region (primarily Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota). To gather feedback on this proposal, we have set up a five-question survey at the following site:

Several folks have already responded, and to them I offer my thanks. If you know of any others on your staff or at other institutions who may be interested in putting in their two cents, please pass on to them the link to the survey. Also, please have them read over a short article on the proposed discussion list found in the August 2011 issue of the Minitex/OCLC Mailing.

This survey ends on Sunday, September 25. Results of the feedback will be summarized in the October issue of the Mailing.

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