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The Minitex Bibliographic and Technical Services (BATS) unit introduces a new e-mail discussion list dedicated to dialogue and announcements on Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new set of cataloging guidelines likely to succeed AACR2 in early 2013. This list, dubbed mtx-rda, is open to all library staff and other interested parties in the Minitex region (including Wisconsin). Those outside the region may also participate.

To subscribe, point your browser to the following website and fill out the form in the middle of the page:


On the same page you will find a link to the archives as well as a form near the bottom that will give you access to password, subscription, and message delivery options.

This e-mail list functions like many others you may be familiar with:

  • Subject lines for all messages that show up on the list will automatically include the prefix [mtx-rda].
  • Responses to posts are directed to the list by default.
  • Text may be formatted for display, e.g., bold typeface, underlining.
  • Attachments can be applied to messages. But be careful when passing along large files; some local e-mail systems may balk at receiving a multi-megabyte attachment.

The intent behind the mtx-rda list is to provide a regional forum for subscribers to discuss both practical and theoretical matters concerning RDA: rule interpretations, workflow changes, record indexing and display. In the spirit of Minitex's collaborative history, we look forward to an active and engaged community assisting one another in learning and applying this new cataloging code.


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