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Taking Library Data from Here to There

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There is a NISO webinar next week (Feb. 22, 2012) that we would like to highlight. For those who have been hearing about the Semantic Web and library linked data, this will be of high interest. Much of our library data as it exists now resides in databases, not on the web where most begin their search for information (for example, 83% of college students begin research using a search engine such as Google. Perceptions of Libraries 2010: Context and Community: A Report to the OCLC Membership)

Karen Coyle will take a look at our library data as it exists now and suggest changes that are needed to bring more visibility to libraries. See below for more details.

NISO/DCMI webinar: Taking Library Data From Here to There
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
12:00 - 1:30 p.m. (Central Time)
Minitex Conference Room
15 Andersen Library, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

To register for this on-site webinar, go to http://www.minitex.umn.edu/Events/Niso/#data

About the Webinar
Libraries have been creating metadata for resources for well over a century. The good news is that library metadata is rules-based and that the library cataloging community has built up a wealth of knowledge about publications, their qualities, and the users who seek them. The bad news is that library practices were fixed long before computers would be used to store and retrieve the data. Library cataloging practice continues to have elements of the era of printed catalogs and alphabetized cards, and needs to modernize to take advantage of new information technologies. This metadata, however, exists today in tens of thousands of databases and there is a large sigh heard around the world whenever a librarian considers the need to make this massive change.

As with all large problems, this one becomes more tractable when broken into smaller pieces. Karen Coyle will present her "five stars of library data," an analysis of the changes needed and some steps that libraries can begin to take immediately. She will also discuss the "open world" view of the linked data movement and how this view can increase the visibility of libraries in the global information space. This webinar will give an introduction to the types of changes that are needed as well as the value that can be realized in library services. Attendees will learn of some preparatory steps have already been taken, which should confirm that libraries have indeed begun the journey "From Here to There."

Karen Coyle is a librarian specializing in metadata development, with a particular interest in the future of bibliographic control. She recently served on the W3C Incubator Group on Library Linked Data, and has written three Library Technology Reports on the Semantic Web and library data.

Thomas Baker, Chief Information Officer of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, was recently co-chair of the W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group and currently co-chairs a W3C Incubator Group on Library Linked Data.

Cataloging Kindle E-Books

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The most recent issue (Jan. 2012) of Library Resources and Technical Services (better known as LRTS) has an article that may be of interest:

"Notes on Operations: Kindles and Kindle E-Books in an Academic Library - Cataloging and Workflow Challenges," by Richard E. Sapon-White.

It is available through ELM, in the Academic Search Premier database (among others).

Have you been cataloging e-readers and their books? Any tips to share?


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