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Directors and billing contacts of Minitex/OCLC participating libraries received an e-mail yesterday outlining upcoming important changes to the OCLC billing process.

Effective July 1, 2012, billing for OCLC products and services will move from Minitex to OCLC.

In July 2009 the nature of the partnership between Minitex and OCLC changed as support for OCLC products and services moved from Minitex to OCLC Support Services. That partnership continues to evolve as OCLC moves to consolidate and centralize administrative services and this billing transition is another step toward that end.

Minitex and OCLC will provide much more information about this transition in the coming months. You can also find more information about the transition on OCLC's Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

We are working closely with OCLC to ensure a smooth transition for each library. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

  • Carla Urban, of Minitex, at 1-800-462-5348 or

  • or

  • Becky Hurley, of OCLC Support Services, at 1-800-848-5878, ext. 4316 or

  • Thank you for your support as we make this change in billing, for your ongoing collaboration as a Minitex participant, and for your important contributions to the OCLC Cooperative.

New Minitex Oral History: Jerry Baldwin

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A new addition to the Minitex Oral History Project has been posted on the Minitex website.

Jerry Baldwin's first library job was as a student at the St. Paul Campus Library (now Magrath Library). From there he went to library school at the University of Minnesota, and then on to the Minnesota Department of Highways (now the Minnesota Department of Transportation) Library as Director from 1972-2007.

In his interview, he talks about the Minitex Union List of Serials (MULS) staff visiting the MnDOT library to record their serial holdings, the development of the Transportation Libraries Catalog (TransCat) as one of the first OCLC Group catalogs, creation of the National Transportation Library (1998) and the Transportation Knowledge Networks, and reauthorization of the National Transportation Library.

The Library of Congress recently announced that they have devised a long-range training plan for their (now, effectively, certain) move to RDA.

First, a little background. The U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee issued last June a report in which they recommended that RDA adoption by the Library of Congress, the National Agricultural Library, and the National Library of Medicine take place "no sooner than January 2013"—and then only if nine conditions are either met or significant movement is made on achieving them.[1] According to Beacher Wiggins (Director, Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate), a recently published update reveals good progress is being made on matters such as "re-wording" parts of RDA into less elaborate prose and establishing a framework for a successor to the MARC standard.[2] And so with fulfillment of the prerequisites looking favorable, LC personnel have devised a year-long, three-part training plan to bring their cataloging staff up to speed on RDA.

Doubtless the most significant aspect of LC's plan is their target date for RDA implementation: March 31, 2013. This date, as they put it, is "when all catalog records newly created at LC will be produced according to RDA instructions."[3] (Though a "target" date and not a firm deadline, it does give something for the rest of us to hang our hats on.) Their planning document goes into further detail on scheduling, recommended instruction topics, and logistical issues pertinent to LC staff and supervisors; at the same time, it could also serve as a blueprint for local library training.

A reminder that LC has a fairly new webpage that offers one-stop shopping for all of their RDA announcements and materials.

[1] From pages 2–4 of Report and Recommendations of the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee

[2] See the quarterly update on RDA implementation released in January 2012

[3] From page 1 of Long-Range RDA Training Plan for 2012 and Beyond

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