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Serials Cataloging Training Scheduled

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The MINITEX BATS staff is pleased to offer sessions of Advanced, Electronic, and Integrating Resources cataloging training this fall. These workshops were developed by the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program’s (SCCTP).

Advanced Serials Cataloging will be presented September 17-18 in Mankato, MN.

Electronic Serials Cataloging will be held November 15 in Moorhead, MN.

Integrating Resources Cataloging will be offered October 5 in Sioux Falls SD and November 13 in Minneapolis, MN

For more information and to register, click here.

We intend to schedule another session of Integrating Resources Cataloging in Fargo/Moorhead in the spring. Please email us if you are interested.

Serials Cataloging Classes Coming Soon

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We want you to know that we have scheduled SCCTP Basic Serials Cataloging and Advanced Serials Cataloging sessions in our region beginning next February. We will also soon schedule Electronic Serials Cataloging for this Spring.

Basic Serials Cataloging is a 2 day training session covering the basic principles of serials cataloging for original and copy cataloging in both print and electronic formats. It will cover serials cataloging rules, MARC21 tagging, and problem-solving and decision-making related to serials. This workshop is designed for anyone new to serials cataloging but does assume some familiarity with cataloging rules and the MARC format.

Advanced Serials Cataloging provides in-depth, 2-day coverage of original serials cataloging. It focuses on print serials, but the concepts are applicable to serials in any format. It is intended for those who have taken the Basic Serials Cataloging course or who have been active serial catalogers for at least a year and are familiar with the fundamentals.

Electronic Serials Cataloging is a 1 day training session that will prepare you to catalog electronic serials distributed through the Web. It covers the basic steps for creating an original record for an online serial and also describes the single record approach to serials available in both print and electronic versions.

For more information and to register: Go to the MINITEX training website

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