February 17, 2009

OCLC’s Expert Community Experiment

Catalogers! Now is your chance to easily make more corrections to WorldCat records. Those of you with full cataloging authorizations who wish to do so may now join OCLC’s Expert Community Experiment and begin improving and upgrading more WorldCat master records than was previously possible. This experiment began this week and is expected to last six months.

But, of course, you can’t go completely hog wild. There are principles and guidelines associated with this experiment. They aren’t too complicated; nothing that expert catalogers can’t grasp. For more information, check out the Website. This links you to the Guidelines and an FAQ. Also, OCLC has scheduled several web information sessions. They are free but require registration (so that you will receive instructions for participating). The link to registration is found at the same Website. If you can’t attend one of the Webinars, don’t worry. OCLC will make available a recording of one of the sessions.

If, after absorbing the Guidelines, the FAQ, and the Webinar, you still have questions or need further information, you can contact OCLC via the special email address they have set up:

February 22, 2008

Working with Genre Headings in Connexion Client

Last fall the Library of Congress began distributing genre authority records. (An example of a Genre authority record is ARN 7519072, Fiction films.) At the same time OCLC enhanced Connexion Client to enable us to search the LC authority file for genre records using the new Genre index (ge:) so that they can be displayed and exported. The Genre index label is included in the index dropdown list in authority search and browse dialogs in Connexion client 2.00 and 2.10.

Now with Connexion Client 2.10 we can control genre headings tagged as 655, second indicator zero.

To control genre heading(s): go to the Edit menu and click on Control Headings.

Please note: LC is adding genre headings very gradually. So far, only headings for motion pictures, television programs, and videos are included.

December 20, 2006

Toolbar Display Tips for Connexion Client 1.7

If you have already downloaded Connexion client 1.7, you may have noticed a few changes to your toolbar. One of the new features is a google-like Search WorldCat box that displays under your toolbar on a second line. To turn this feature off, go to the View menu, then Toolbars, then uncheck WorldCat Quick Search.

If you have extra grey space on your toolbar, or you would like to try and fit everything on one line, you can grab any section of the toolbar by mousing over the dividers (those faint greyed out dots), clicking when you see the plus sign, and dragging the sections around.

To those of you who use many toolbar icons (more than one row), your extra toolbar icons that will not fit on one line will now be accessible via a drop-down menu on the far right of your toolbar. The wraparound feature that was available in Connexion client 1.6 is not available in 1.7. To view some additional tips on how to keep all your toolbar buttons visible, check out the document below:

Toolbar Tips

For more Connexion Client tips and to learn about the new features, attend a free Connexion Client 1.7 Update webinar:

Register for Connexion Client 1.7 Update

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