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New Minitex Director

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Posted on behalf of Wendy Lougee, University Librarian, University of Minnesota.


I am pleased to share the exciting news about the successful search for a new director of Minitex. Valerie Horton, Executive Director of the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC), will assume the role in early December.

Ms. Horton brings an extraordinary portfolio to the Minitex leadership position. As the founding director of CLiC, she has developed robust programs of resource sharing, as well as open source library systems and continuing education. Earlier appointments as a library director (Mesa State College), systems and budget officer (New Mexico State University), ALA International Library Fellow, and systems librarian (Brown University) round out her rich record. Her commitment to collaboration is evidenced in her lead roles in the open access journal Collaborative Librarianship and in conferences around the challenging topic of delivery and in her extensive contributions to our profession.

The search process has been expansive. The search committee, with representatives across the various sectors of the Minitex community, did a stellar job, bringing us an exceptional pool of finalists. The engagement of our communities was significant, with well over 150 individuals online watching the public presentations. Feedback from participants was equally strong, with abundant commentary from individuals across the region. I want to thank the search committee, particularly the chair Linda DeBeau-Melting, for managing this inclusive process. And thank you to all who contributed to this important search.

Valerie hopes to visit Minnesota in the months before her official start, and looks forward to working with the fabulous Minitex staff and deeply committed library communities across Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Wendy Pradt Lougee
University Librarian, University of Minnesota

May We Have Your Attention, Please

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We'd like to announce a change in the name of the Minitex Bibliographic & Technical Services unit, which went into effect July 1, 2012. To reflect the current and future emphases of this long-term Minitex program, the unit's name is now Minitex Digitization, Cataloging & Metadata Education (DCME). This name more accurately signals the full range of training content and expertise we provide to libraries in the Minitex region.

Changes like this often lead to reflection on one's origins, so here's a quick summary. Back in 1975/76, Minitex established what was then known as the OCLC Services program with the goal of enabling Minitex participants to develop a common database of monographs for the region in order to enable and support resource sharing. For many years the primary responsibility of our unit was to equip and assist libraries in their use of OCLC cataloging and resource sharing systems. From the initial group of 18 OCLC cataloging users, we grew to have over 400 libraries using OCLC for cataloging.

Although OCLC continues to be a core feature of many of our member libraries' activities, our role as liaison between OCLC and individual libraries has changed as technology and options for library services have increased. We continue to be a certified OCLC Training Partner, so you'll see us teaching free courses on Connexion, CatExpress and CONTENTdm as part of this partnership.

In addition to training on OCLC services, we also conduct education around general cataloging issues - with a recent emphasis on RDA. We've received many comments from attendees in other parts of the country that our RDA sessions are the best they've encountered to date. That is confirmed by the high registration levels - last fiscal year we offered 21 RDA sessions and had 559 attendees, 3/4 of whom were from outside the region.

While we have included metadata and digitization in our repertoire for some time, we will be increasing our offerings in this area, especially on the topic of digital preservation. We are excited that Sara Ring was accepted for an upcoming Library of Congress Digital Preservation and Outreach Education (DPOE) train-the-trainer session. She's already excited about putting this training to work, so expect to see digital preservation sessions this Fall and Winter.

Responding to a need expressed by many libraries in the region, in the late '90s we established a Contract Cataloging Service which continues to provide supplemental cataloging services for libraries needing help cataloging items in unfamiliar formats or languages, special projects or whittling down backlogs. If you'd like more information about Contract Cataloging, contact Mark Ehlert (800-462-5348)

As we introduce the new unit name, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of libraries in the Minitex region in areas related to digitization, cataloging and metadata, and to thank you for working with us and supporting us over these many years. We look forward to continuing that relationship for many more!

Carla Urban, on behalf of Minitex DCME:

Carla Urban Sara Ring
Mark Ehlert Kay Beaudrie
Susanne Nevin Kelly Wavrin

New Minitex Oral History: Jerry Baldwin

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A new addition to the Minitex Oral History Project has been posted on the Minitex website.

Jerry Baldwin's first library job was as a student at the St. Paul Campus Library (now Magrath Library). From there he went to library school at the University of Minnesota, and then on to the Minnesota Department of Highways (now the Minnesota Department of Transportation) Library as Director from 1972-2007.

In his interview, he talks about the Minitex Union List of Serials (MULS) staff visiting the MnDOT library to record their serial holdings, the development of the Transportation Libraries Catalog (TransCat) as one of the first OCLC Group catalogs, creation of the National Transportation Library (1998) and the Transportation Knowledge Networks, and reauthorization of the National Transportation Library.

Edward Swanson Selected for Margaret Mann Citation

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CHICAGO-The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) is announcing that the late Edward Swanson is the recipient of the 2011 Margaret Mann Citation presented by its Cataloging and Classification Section (CCS).

Edward Swanson is recognized for his contributions to the development and interpretation of cataloging practices and as a trainer of catalogers throughout a long and distinguished career. He served on professional cataloging committees at the state, national and international levels, including serving as chair of the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access and as a member of the Board of Directors of ALCTS. His extensive engagement with IFLA was on a governing level as well as with a number of cataloging-specific committees, including serving as a member of the Governing Board, secretary/treasurer of the IFLA section on Classification and Indexing, chair of the Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section, secretary of the Division of Bibliographic Control: Coordinating Board, and chair of the Division of Collections and Services: Coordinating Board. Edward authored or edited publications too numerous to list, including authoring or collaborating in the writing of several training manuals and other documentation relating to AACR2 and the editing of ISBD (CR), International Standard Bibliographic Description for Serials and other Continuing Resources, which was published in 2002.

The Margaret Mann Citation Jury is pleased to honor Edward Swanson for his exemplary dedication and cataloging expertise; his efforts have helped to shape the work of cataloging groups at the highest level and guide the work of innumerable individual catalogers.

The award will be presented on Sunday, June 26, at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony during the 2011 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. The Mann Citation, recognizing outstanding professional achievement in cataloging or classification, includes a $2,000 scholarship donated in the recipient's honor by OCLC, Inc. to the library school of the winner's choice. Edward's partner has chosen the St. Catherine University, Master of Library and Information Science Program in St. Paul, MN to be the recipient of this year's scholarship award.

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) is the national association for information providers who work in collections and technical services, such as acquisitions, cataloging, collection development, preservation and continuing resources in digital and print formats. ALCTS is a division of the American Library Association.

Wilbur Stolt Elected to OCLC Global Council

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Minitex is pleased to share the news that Wilbur Stolt, Director of the University of North Dakota Libraries, has been elected to a three year term as an OCLC Americas Regional Council (ARC) Delegate to the OCLC Global Council!

As such, he will represent the interests of OCLC members in the Americas and, in particular, those of us in the Minitex region, to the OCLC global governance body that was formed a year ago. Judging from his previous activity as Minitex Delegate to the OCLC Members Council, ARC's predecessor, we know that Wilbur will ably advocate for libraries in our region and especially for the needs of smaller libraries.

Congratulations, Wilbur!

For more information on the recent election, visit the OCLC website

Thanks to all of you who participated in the election.

March Minitex/OCLC Mailing Available

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The March 2010 Minitex/OCLC Mailing is now available on our website:

The issue includes:

  • Find Us on Twitter!
  • Spring Savings on OCLC Language Sets
  • New BATS Webinars
  • Search OAIster Records
  • RDA, Why New Cataloging Rules?
  • Classification Revision: The Iraq War
  • MULS Blog Consolidated
  • MULS Spring Webinars
  • OCLC Policies Directory Changes
  • ALCTS Metadata Webinar
  • CONTENTdm 5.3
  • CONTENTdm Featured Collections

Print copies should arrive next week in the mail if you are on our Mailing list.

Edward Swanson Retires From Minitex Contract Cataloging

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forblog.jpgEdward Swanson will be retiring from his position as Minitex Contract Cataloging Manager next Wednesday, January 13. Please join us to celebrate him and his career, Wednesday, January 13, 3:30 to 5:30, with a presentation at 4:00, upstairs in the Atrium.

Below is an article that we included in the most recent issue of the Minitex/OCLC Mailing.

It is with mixed feelings that I announce the retirement of Edward Swanson. If this leaves you with a sense of déjà vu, that's because this is Edward's second retirement. Almost 11 years ago, he retired from the Minnesota Historical Society after thirty-one years of service. But he decided that, as cataloging was one of the things he really enjoyed in life, he wanted to continue doing it, and he joined Minitex Contract Cataloging. We've enjoyed the benefits of his wisdom, expertise and leadership for nine years, and we'll miss him greatly when he retires on January 13.

Edward's career has been long and influential. He must have felt a strong calling to the profession as he joined the Minnesota Library Association while he was still in high school! He started out as the Assistant to the Librarian at Macalester College, his alma mater, then moved to the Minnesota Historical Society where he led the Newspaper, Processing and Technical Services departments, culminating in the position of Coordinator of Library Cataloging and Principal Cataloger.

These positions reflect only a portion of the contribution he has made to librarianship as Edward has always chosen to actively participate in associations and cooperative efforts. He played a vital role as a Minnesota AACR2 Trainer, helping librarians throughout the state learn and understand the new cataloging rules. He not only provided in-person training, but authored and edited numerous manuals and other documentation to support cataloging that were used nationwide. He volunteered preparing curriculum and conducting training for the MN Opportunities for Technical Services Excellence (MOTSE), strengthening the cataloging knowledge of Minnesota librarians and paraprofessionals. He has served as a long-time NACO trainer for the region and as the Minnesota NACO funnel. He has also been active on the national and international levels on ALA and IFLA boards and committees and as editor of many publications

To us here at Minitex, his experience and cataloging knowledge have been invaluable. When catalogers in the Minitex Contract Cataloging Program or from other libraries come to him with questions, Edward is able to explain not only the appropriate rule, but how it came into being, why it took the shape it did, and how it can best be applied in real life situations to provide greatest utility to a library patron - the ultimate objective of any cataloging. He is able to see both the forest and the trees and explain how they relate to and affect each other.

Edward Swanson's career has been characterized by a true love and understanding of cataloging; dedication to sharing that knowledge with others, through training, one-on-one consultations, and publication; and a commitment to the professional community and its activities. His generosity and dedication to colleagues and cataloging have been greatly appreciated.

- Carla Dewey Urban

It is with decidedly mixed emotions that I announce the retirements of Kay Beaudrie and Virginia Dudley from Minitex on June 5.

Kay Beaudrie’s retirement comes just one month shy of her 20th anniversary here! Her pre-Minitex career included stints in the libraries of North Park College and Rosary College in Illinois, Alverno College and Marquette University in Wisconsin, and General Mills, here in Minnesota. She joined Minitex as an OCLC Coordinator and, later, became the Manager of the Minitex/OCLC unit. Kay is renowned for her training skills and her ability to clearly explain complex systems or processes. She walked many catalogers and ILL folks through significant (and scary) changes like OCLC’s moves to PRISM and Passport for Windows with a minimum of fuss and stress. I can attest that, as a supervisor, she was supremely patient and encouraging and a textbook example of a servant-leader. In 1998, she moved over to the Minitex Contract Cataloging unit, where she has contributed significant OCLC and cataloging expertise to client libraries and continued her role as trainer and mentor to others in the unit.


We have been very fortunate to have Virginia Dudley as a member of the Minitex BATS unit since 2001. Prior to joining Minitex, she worked in the University of Minnesota Libraries and at Metropolitan State University. As a member of BATS, she quickly got up to speed on OCLC issues and became our expert on OCLC Authorities and all things FRBR or RDA. She stepped up to oversee the unit during my maternity leaves and has been Acting Manager of BATS since late 2007. I have greatly appreciated her dry wit, her high standards and her strong dedication to her job and her colleagues. Virginia’s plans for retirement are still hazy, but definitely include watercolor painting, volunteerism, and identifying income-generating opportunities to shore up her faltering retirement account.


Please join us in thanking Kay and Virginia for their outstanding service to Minitex and our participating libraries throughout the years and in wishing them well as they prepare for Life After Minitex. They will both be missed!

If you would like to contact them, here are their e-mail addresses:

If you have an OCLC or BATS related issue you would normally have contacted Virginia about, please feel free to send it to our BATS e-mail ( or call Minitex and ask for someone in the BATS unit.

-- Carla Dewey Urban

Susanne Nevin Retires

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After many years as a cataloger in Minnesota libraries Susanne Nevin retired from Minitex Contract Cataloging on April 1. Before coming to Minitex Susanne had worked at three other libraries: the University of Minnesota Law School (1982-1988), Gustavus Adolphus College (1988-1994), and St. Olaf College (1994-2005). She became a pool cataloger with ConCats in 2005 and moved to a 75% position in the next year working with a variety of materials on several projects. For the future Susanne plans to travel the United States with her husband and to write a memoir about her childhood and youth in post-war Germany with emphasis on the many books she grew up with. It was a pleasure working with Susanne. Minitex will definitely miss her and her cataloging talents. We wish her well in her new endeavors.

Susanne Niven.JPG

Staff Change in the MINITEX BATS Unit

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After 11 years working in the MINITEX Bibliographic and Technical Services (BATS) unit, Carlos Portillo has moved to a different position within MINITEX Document Delivery. Many of you have spoken to Carlos over the phone or contacted him via email as he helped you to resolve your Connexion client issues, made OCLC profile changes on your behalf, or helped get you to the right person for an answer.

In the future, please send anything that you might previously have sent to Carlos to our general email account:

Our phone number still remains the same, just ask to speak with someone in the BATS unit or that you have an OCLC related question and you will be directed to one of the BATS staff handling the phone support for the day

We in the MINITEX Bibliographic and Technical Services unit are definitely going to miss Carlos and his expertise in various areas. We wish him the best in his new position with MINITEX Document Delivery!

BATS Staff
Carla Dewey Urban, Virginia Dudley, Sara Ring, Mark Wilhelmi

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