from MUSE:

Interested in what topics are trending on MUSE? Curious as to whether your journal article or book appears on the list of content downloaded most often by MUSE users? Now you can find that information on the new Frequently Downloaded Content feature just launched on Project MUSE. The new feature lists journal articles and books downloaded most often by MUSE users around the world.

The Frequently Downloaded Content lists the top 10 items downloaded most often in a given month organized into several categories including frequency by research area, by journal, by publisher, and combined book and journal content overall.

Faculty and students can see the topics other MUSE users are reading and researching. Authors will be interested in tracking the frequency with which their published articles or books appear on the list (information that may be of particular value to your faculty and graduate students). Journal and book publishers will now have a general scan of what MUSE users are reading.

Access the link for Frequently Downloaded Content from the MUSE home page or bookmark the page directly,

New Promotional Item: Subject Brochures

Designed with faculty and graduate students in mind, the brochures highlight new and key content in major subject areas in MUSE. Each brochure features distinguished journals in that subject, new journals joining MUSE, and a selection of new MUSE/UPCC books in that subject. The five subject brochures offered initially are:

  • Film, Theater and Performing Arts
  • History
  • Literature
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Social Sciences

The brochures may be helpful with outreach to faculty and graduate students by creating awareness of the depth of content available in MUSE journal and book collections. Order a supply of each subject using the request form found on We welcome your ideas for other subjects to include!

COUNTER 4 Compliant Usage Statistics

MUSE statistics are now compliant with Release 4 of the COUNTER Code of Practice. MUSE has been providing COUNTER 4 statistics since January; however, after the successful completion of an audit, MUSE statistics are now officially compliant with Release 4 of COUNTER. Download your MUSE usage statistics at As a convenience to libraries, MUSE will continue to provide statistics in COUNTER 3 format through the end of this year.

If you have any questions, please contact MUSE Customer Support at for assistance.

McGraw-Hill Offers eBook Library

from McGraw-Hill:

Is your library interested in expanding its collection at a low cost and without adding any shelf space? If this sounds like a great plan, take a look at the McGraw-Hill eBook Library.

The McGraw-Hill eBook Library has approximately 1,050 titles available in pre-assembled collections including Business, Computing, Language, Medical, Student Study Aids and USMLE. Titles are also offered on a Perpetual Access basis. Library users have access to McGraw-Hill content wherever and whenever they want by subscribing to the library's catalog. Searching is easy. Users can create their own accounts; add notes, bookmarks and highlights, and print parts of the book for their personal use. High quality MARC records are provided as well as metadata to all of the major Discovery Services.

Monitoring usage is possible with web analytics available through the eBook Library's DRM interface. With a subscription, libraries will get regular updates to the eBook Library's content, making this resource always current. Additionally, if you have the Adobe digital content server, you can select a cluster or collection that you are interested in and we will simply deliver the digital files directly to you. We are offering special end of year discounts on all McGraw-Hill E-Book Library purchases!

For more information, contact Anne Hatinen.

New Video Series Added to Ambrose Digital

from Ambrose:

Great Poets of The World is now available for purchase to stream from! Showcasing the lives and works of over 50 of the greatest poets from around the world, this eight part series takes you on a literary journey into the depths of the human soul.

Titles in Series include:

  • The Poetry of Shakespeare
  • Spanish-language Poets
  • Poets of the European Continent
  • English-language Poets: 8th Century A.D.-1830
  • English-language Poets: 1831-1894
  • English-language Poets: 1895-1922
  • English-language Poets: 1923-Present
  • Poets of the Middle East and Asia

Each current 2014 subscription includes all new releases until the subscription ends. We'll notify you each time new releases are added.

Coming Soon:

  • Arctic's Changing Climate and Economics
  • Fracking: America's Economic and Energy Revolution

from EBSCO:

An agreement between Choice magazine, a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries (a division of the American Library Association) and EBSCO Information Services will highlight the EBSCO eBooks that have been named Choice Outstanding Academic Titles. This agreement will allow librarians to easily identify and acquire the titles that have been designated as excellent in presentation and scholarship, bringing exceptional support to the research of their students and faculty and increasing the value of their overall library collection.

Founded in 1964, Choice has been the premier source for reviews of academic books and digital resources of interest to scholars and students in higher education for over 50 years. Each year, Choice publishes a list of Outstanding Academic Titles that reflects the best in scholarly titles reviewed by Choice for the previous year. The selective list enjoys the extraordinary recognition of the academic library community and represents approximately 10 percent of the works reviewed in Choice each year.

EBSCO eBooks offers more than 600,000 e-books and audiobooks and EBSCO proactively acquires new content in critical areas, based on the dynamic needs of libraries. Accessing the EBSCOhost® platform for e-books and audiobooks saves librarians training time and adds a well-known search platform to the end user's experience. Allowing end users to search for e-books and audiobooks along with their EBSCOhost database content improves the discoverability of library collections. Visit: for more information.

Emerald Website Migration -- Support & Resources

from Emerald:

Further to the successful migration of Emerald's research platform to Atypon's Literatum on 16 August 2014, please find enclosed some useful links to guide you through the transition.

Visit Emerald's Support Resources, where you can access dedicated training, tutorials and quick guides to assst you in familiarizing yourself with the enhanced platform. Full information regarding the changes to Emerald's research platform is also available in the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you require further support, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team on

We are also keen to hear your thoughts on the new platform, therefore please share your comments on our dedicated feedback page.

from EBSCO:

EBSCO Information Services announces the release of 12 new EBSCO eBooks™ Subject Sets, which increases the total number of subject sets to more than 200. The subject sets are offered to libraries in convenient collections grouped by subject matter.

Subject Sets are prepackaged sets of titles from leading publishers in specific, high-interest topics designed to meet the needs of libraries while simplifying collection development. The Sets allow for quick and easy purchases in particular high-interest subject areas. There is no title overlap across Sets, and no title overlap from year to year, so you never need to worry about duplication.

New subject sets include:

  • Diseases & Conditions
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Doody's Core Titles Essential Purchases
  • Dentistry & Oral Science
  • Robotics
  • Mobile Technology
  • Self Help
  • Poetry
  • American History
  • Biography
  • Anthropology & Archaeology
  • Urban Studies

EBSCO eBooks offers over 600,000 e-books and audiobooks. EBSCO proactively acquires new content in critical areas, based on the dynamic needs of libraries. Accessing the EBSCOhost platform for e-books and audiobooks saves librarians training time and adds a well-known search platform to the end user's experience. Allowing end users to search for e-books and audiobooks along with their EBSCOhost database content improves the discoverability of library collections. Lowering the cost for libraries makes the decision to focus on or add to e-book and audiobook collections easier and more cost-effective.

Enhancement to WorldCat Record Access for EBSCO eBooks

from EBSCO:

We are pleased to announce that beginning in August, OCLC will offer less-than-full records (LTF) for EBSCO titles. With this change you can begin receiving expedited WorldCat records for any newly available eBook purchased from EBSCO. A LTF record is defined as a record in WorldCat which may lack some metadata elements (such as call number or subject heading), or, as born-digital record created exclusively with data provided by EBSCO.

What this means for you is that now you have a choice to receive LTF records, should full-level records not be available at the time of purchase. In addition to the new LTF offering, OCLC will offer the option to have records delivered again, once they have been upgraded to full-level records. If you would like to preview an LTF record, sample records are available upon request.

To get started with LTF records click here to complete the form and return it via email to, no later than August 21, 2014 to guarantee delivery of LTF records as soon as they are available. If you do not respond by this date no change will be made to your current profile and your library will continue to receive only full-level records. For more information on LTF records, visit the FAQ on the EBSCO Support Site:

EBSCO Health Introduces Nursing Reference Center Plus™

from EBSCO:

Nurses looking for information to help provide the best care possible to their patients can now turn to Nursing Reference Center Plus from EBSCO Health. The evidence-based clinical decision support tool was created by nurses for nurses and is designed to improve nursing practice and positively impact patient care.

Nursing Reference Center Plus is the most advanced nursing resource on the market, giving nurses access to the most current evidence, while providing videos and images that provide step-by-step demonstrations of procedures and offering the most current information related to care plans, nursing management and risk management. It has a new, easy-to-use interface and allows nurses to add localized notes to topics, access patient education handouts, get alerted when content is updated with new information, and earn continuing education credits by taking advantage of the hundreds of continuing education courses.

Nursing Reference Center Plus focuses on ensuring that staff nurses, nurse educators, nursing residents, and nursing students have quick and easy access to the most current information so they can provide the highest quality of care to their patients. For staff nurses and nurse educators, Nursing Reference Center Plus is also resource that supports education goals, encourages residents and students to access the original research and provides options for patient care while preserving and supporting the essential learning opportunities that educators want to provide.

Vice President, Medical Product Management and Chief Content Officer for EBSCO Health, Betsy Jones, says that no other nursing tool offers the deep content and features that are standard with Nursing Reference Center Plus. "EBSCO Health is committed to educating nurses about evidence-based medicine and nursing best practices. Nursing Reference Center Plus was created to provide a wide variety of content and features for nurses who need the information at the point of care, for educators who are teaching the next generation of nurses, for nurses seeking continuing education opportunities and for nurse leaders seeking information on management best practices."

EBSCO Health is the definitive resource for nursing and allied health professionals from EBSCO Information Services. In addition to Nursing Reference Center Plus, it offers tools that healthcare professionals rely on, including CINAHL®, Patient Education Reference Center™, Nursing Reference Center™, which was rated highest in the nurse reference product category in the KLAS report, Clinical Decision Support 2013: Sizing up the competition.

For more information on Nursing Reference Center Plus, please visit: and for more information on other EBSCO Health resources, visit:

Emerald Website Maintenance

There is website maintenance scheduled to start on July 25, 2014, and take a period of 4 weeks on the Emerald Group Publishing platforms. This will impact the following website:

How will this affect me?

During this time you will be unable to make edits to your profile, settings and preferences.

As such, we advise you to make any profile updates before 25 July 2014. Access to subscribed content remains available.

We would also like to take this opportunity to recommend that administrators download all historic usage reports to ensure their continued availability.

Why is Emerald carrying out this work?

Based on feedback and user satisfaction surveys conducted with our librarian, researcher and author communities in 2013, Emerald is investing in a partnership with Atypon to bring you a range of performance enhancements to our research platform. This is to support the rapidly evolving demands from our customers.

In preparation for the transition to Atypon's Literatum, it is essential that we migrate all existing data to the new platform. This necessitates a temporary freeze on the functionality outlined above.

For further information regarding Emerald's migration to Atypon's Literatum, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like further support, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team on

Minitex Announces New Suite of eResources

On behalf of the Minnesota Department of Education - State Library Services, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN), the North Dakota State Library, South Dakota Library Network (SDLN), the South Dakota State Library, and itself, Minitex is pleased to announce the databases and database packages recommended by the Minitex Electronic Information Resources (MEIR) Task Force. This was a result of the Request for Proposal (RFP) that was developed and issued during 2013-2014. These collaborative partners realize the importance of statewide access to a common suite of databases to the libraries and school media centers within and among the three states.

In coordination with Elaine Kelash, Manager/Contracts Specialist, University of Minnesota Purchasing, Minitex will finalize award and license agreements with the following vendors for access to the following statewide electronic resources. These resources will be available beginning July 1, 2014-June 30, 2019. Current access will continue uninterrupted.

See the Minitex site for more information.

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