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Quick Reference Guides for PsycINFO searchers

PsycINFO subscribers can now offer their users a series of pocket-sized Quick Reference Guides. APA has designed guides for searching PsycINFO on:

  • CSA Illumina
  • Ovid

Contact Alexa Minetola at to request a quantity of guides (be sure to indicate the vendor platform you use) or view the guides online. Look under Training and User Support for the link to Vendor-Specific Search Guides.

EBSCO's domain change and proxy server changes

In late May EBSCO announced a domain name change. For the convenience of its customers, EBSCO will maintain an automatic redirect of (etc.) through the summer of 2007. Customers who do not use a proxy server, and who choose not to update their links once the change becomes official, will have plenty of time in which to do so, because of EBSCO's automatic redirect.

PLEASE NOTE: Although will continue to be valid via a redirect through 2007, proxy users MUST ADD the * domain to their proxy configurations in order to ensure uninterrupted access to EBSCOhost PRIOR to the transition to the new domain in mid-August. Please DO NOT REMOVE * from the existing proxy configuration files. (Source: EBSCO)

For more information:

How will the new EBSCOhost domain changes affect my EZproxy config (configuration) file?

Domain Change Questions Answered (FAQ)

How will the new EBSCOhost domain changes affect my EZproxy config file? (FAQ)

If my institution uses a firewall or filtering software, what are the IPs or domains for EBSCO Publishing services that I should include on my exception list?

Release of the new Web site

This new site—and a downloadable WorldCat search box you can easily add to your Web site—opens the complete WorldCat database to the public, not just the smaller data subsets utilized by Open WorldCat partner sites such as Google, Yahoo! Search and others. builds on the success of OCLC’s Open WorldCat Program that has elevated the visibility of library materials on the open Web since the summer of 2003.

The main attraction of the new site is the WorldCat search box. Web users can now search the entire WorldCat database with the method most familiar to them: simple keywords. As in Open WorldCat, each linked result leads to a "Find in a Library" information page. From there, users can enter geographic information such as a zip or postal code, receive a list of nearby libraries that own the item, and link right to a library's online catalog record to initiate circulation activity or access electronic content directly. Users can also create their own WorldCat account and add book reviews, table-of-contents information and notes to many WorldCat items, helping to personalize their library search experience.

From, any Web user or organization can also easily download and install the free, WorldCat search box to their personal or commercial Web page, allowing even more people to discover library content through WorldCat. Libraries and other groups inside and outside the OCLC cooperative are encouraged to add the box to their sites. We believe that sharing the ability to search for library materials to as many other sites as possible will help increase the awareness of libraries as primary sources of reliable information and helpful personal assistance.

Visit the site to try the new WorldCat search box and download the box to your own Web site. (Source: OCLC)

Teacher Reference Center (EBSCO)

Teacher Reference Center, an index of over 260 titles from the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books, is now offered free via the EBSCOhost platform. This database provides coverage on key education topics such as Assessment, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Literacy Standards, Science & Mathematics, and more. (Source: EBSCO; edited)

Fall 2006 trials

Watch this site for information about the Fall 2006 trials beginning on October 1 and continuing through November 15, 2006. Use the fall trial time to learn about new online resources, compare products, and try out new search interfaces.

Free Web demonstration of NetLibrary 4.0

Join NetLibrary for a live, free Web Session to learn more about this major new site upgrade for NetLibrary. NetLibrary 4.0 will provide you and your end-users with improved search performance, a fresh new look and feel, and powerful navigation tools. This one-hour session will include a live demonstration of NetLibrary 4.0. Additionally, you’ll be able to ask questions during the session.

Upcoming sessions are scheduled for September 14, 19, and 27.

Please register online at OCLC

EBSCOhost has a new domain:

The EBSCOhost service has moved to a new domain:

The transition will happen over a matter of months. The domain name change will be most evident in those links you use to provide access to your EBSCOhost database subscription(s), such as, which should be changed to EBSCO will automatically redirect all requests once the domain change is completed. However, we strongly recommend that you update your links to reflect the new domain as soon as possible.

Fall 2006 group subscription offers

Watch this site for more information coming soon about the following group subscription offers available this fall:

  • AccessMedicine
  • Art Full Text
  • Biological Abstracts
  • MathSciNet
  • Philosopher's Index (CSA)
  • Project MUSE
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals
  • PsycBOOKS
  • PsycEXTRA
  • SPORTDiscus

Check the MINITEX Web site for details on pricing, trials, and deadlines.

More group offers will be announced soon.

History E-Book Project brings sound and video to the ebook

The ALCS History E-Book Project and Rutgers University Press recently announced the cooperative publication of two new electronic titles that bring sound and video into the electronic monograph. History E-Book Project has issued electronic versions of the following titles:

  • Wonder Shows: Science, Religion, and Magic on the American Stage by Fred Nadis
  • Yellowface: Creating the Chinese in American Popular Music, 1850s-1920s by Krystyn Moon

The first title incorporates several short films; the second uses a series of complete musical performances that accompany the sheet music and analysis. (Source: ACLS; edited)

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

In the First Person (Alexander Street Press)

In the First Person, from Alexander Street Press, is a free index to letters, diaries, oral histories, and other personal narratives. Imagine seeing into the minds of 10,000 individuals and knowing the details of their lives within seconds. That's the experience of using In the First Person—a free library index with citations linking to full text, audio, and video whenever available.

In the First Person searches archives and repositories all over the world and leads users to hundreds of thousands of pages of content. Search by narrator, subject, geographical location, format (full text, video, audio), date, and dozens of other elements. A unified, organized search result is returned, with richly detailed records for every collection and repository, and with all available links to the narratives themselves. (Source: Alexander Street Press; edited)

Oxford University Press has a free word and language site

Are you a lover of words? Check out Oxford University Press' free word and language site.

Great teaching resource from HRAF

Calling all HRAFCollection of Ethnography/Collection of Archaeology subscribers! Check out Teaching eHRAF, an innovative, interdisciplinary teaching resource for colleges and high schools aimed at providing faculty with ideas about how to use HRAF databases in their curricula. Most of the exercises have been written by HRAF staff, focusing on medical anthropology, general anthropology, and general archaeology.

You can change your IPs online

Did your library change IPs? Use the CPERS online IP change form to quickly notify vendors of your IP changes. (H.W. Wilson), a clearinghouse of free tools for collection development, is being offered by H.W. Wilson as a free service for librarians. The site includes "best" lists, editors' picks. Hot topics, periodical lists, best professional books, librarian home pages and blogs, and more. The Editor's Picks feature focuses on notable titles from Wilson's Children's Catalog, Public Library Catalog, Fiction Catalog, Senior High School Library Catalog, and Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog. (Source: H.W. Wilson; edited)

More content added to Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective

Ten more years of coverage has been added to Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908-1981. The database covers over 850 publications with cover-to-cover indexing and includes book reviews and case citations.

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

WilsonWeb search interface enhancements

H.W. Wilson has announced enhancements to its WilsonWeb search interface. See below for details of just two of these enhancements:

Subject Pathfinder. Links at the top of the WilsonWeb results screens now help guide research by suggesting subtopics or broader topics related to a searcher's initial search strategy. Subject Pathfinder displays the subject headings appearing most often in the articles that comprise the search results and can lead researchers to more precise or broader terms in their topic of interest.

Spell Checker. A spell checker is automatically activated when there are no results for a search. The Spell Checker suggests a different spelling for words and names in searches. Much more than just a simple dictionary, Spell Checker draws its terms from all the terms in the records of the database being searched, for much more relevant coverage. (Source: H.W. Wilson; edited)

Check the vendor site for more information

NetLibrary launches NetLibrary 4.0

On July 31, NetLibrary will introduce its new search interface, NetLibrary 4.0, which will provide improved search performance, a new look and feel, and new navigation tools. Key features of the site enhancement include:

  • New site architecture
  • Spell checking
  • Search within search

Check the vendor site for more information


PsycCRITIQUES, published by the American Psychological Association (APA), is now available through the CSA Illumina platform. The database provides full-text access to reviews of current books and some popular films, videos, and software as well as comparative reviews of books reviews. (Source: CSA)

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information/

Environmental Impact Statements: Full-Text & Digests (CSA)

Electronic access is now available to the full-text of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) through the CSA Illumina platform. The new collection, Environmental Impact Statements: Full-Text & Digests, is the only resource providing comprehensive electronic access to draft and final versions of all EISs issued by the U.S. federal government since 2003. The collection also provides searchable access to digests of all EISs issued since 1985. (Source; CSA)

Check the vendor site for more product informatoin

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

Price It! Antiques & Collectibles (Gale)

You may have noticed that PriceMiner no longer appears on our list of vendors and products offered through MINITEX. The product hasn't treally gone away—it has simply been renamed and is now offered through Gale.

Price It! Antiques & Collectibles offers access to millions of records from a variety of data sources to aid users in determining an item's current value and presents historical pricing information, photos and descriptions for the same or similar items. Users can search Price It! Antiques & Collectibles by any combination of keywords, data channels (online auctions, online retail sites, auction houses), categories, sales dates, sold or unsold items and restricting the search to only records that have images. (Source: Thomson Gale; edited)

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

Book Index with Reviews (EBSCO)

EBSCO's new database, Book Index with Reviews, provides information on over 3.8 million book titles in a variety of formats and genres. Users will find more than 800,000 full text, searchable reviews, a user-friendly interface, and a wide range of search strategies. The database also offers a popularity level ranking for each book based on ordering information from thousands of libraries. (Source: EBSCO; edited)

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

Academic OneFile (Gale)

Gale recently announced Academic OneFile, its newest InfoTrac product. Academic OneFile contains more than 8,000 mostly peer-reviewed journals, the majority in full text, with a deep backfile. Academic OneFile covers a wide variety of disciplines, from STM to the humanities. (Source: Thomson Gale; edited)

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

MEDLINE with Full Text (EBSCO)

The largest full-text version of MEDLINE available, EBSCO's MEDLINE with Full Text provides full text for nearly 1,200 medical journals indexed in MEDLINE, with more than 1,400,000 full-text articles dating back to 1965. More than 310 of the full-text medical journals found in MEDLINE with Full Text are not available with full text from any other EBSCO database. (Source: EBSCO; edited)

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

Biography Index: Past & Present (H.W. Wilson)

Wilson is now offering a new version of Biography Index that combines the database’s article indexing with coverage up to the present. Biography Index: Past & Present provides the complete content of Biography Index from 1946 and continues with indexing of current articles with daily updates. Biography Index, with coverage from 1984 to present, continues to be available in print and electronic form. (Source: H.W. Wilson; edited)

Check the vendor site for more product information

Check the MINITEX site for pricing and ordering information

"Check out" option no longer available in NetLibrary 4.0

With the release of 4.0 of NetLibrary, users no longer have the option to "check out" titles. This means that the link to check out a title for a specified period of time was removed from the Details page and the Details tab in the online reader. The view functionality that an overwhelming majority of users select to read eBooks online is still available and functions in exactly the same way it did previously.

The view functionality allows a user to access a copy of a title on a rolling 15 minute basis. If the user continues to be active in reading the title (e.g., turning pages, conducting full-text searches, taking notes, navigating the Table of Contents) they will continue to have access. Once the user becomes inactive, either by not performing any of the functions listed or by ending their session, the copy will become available for another user to access.

If your library has the Adobe Content Server (ACS) license to allow for offline reading of eBooks, your library will still the link to "check out and download." The link to simply "check out" for online reading is what has been removed.

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