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Downtime for Selected Ovid Applications- October 29, 2007

Just posted on the OVID listserv:

Dear Ovid Customer,
In our continuing efforts to improve the performance of our North America data center system infrastructure, we have scheduled a downtime for a number of Ovid applications. The downtime will take place from 9pm to 2am, Monday, October 29, 2007 Eastern Daylight Time (Tuesday, October 30, 2007 01:00-06:00 GMT; click here for a world time zone conversion table). The following applications will be affected and inaccessible for all or part of the downtime:

  • Ovid SearchSolver®

  • Ovid LinkSolverâ„¢

  • Ovid STATS

  • Ovid PayPerView

  • Admin Tools

  • Clin-eguide (formerly ClinicalResource@Ovid)

  • www.ovid.com

We apologize for any inconvenience this downtime, as well as the late notice of the downtime, may cause you and your users. If you have any questions, please contact support@ovid.com.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Ovid Technologies

Gale Common Menu Interface Change

From Gale:

As you are well aware, Gale constantly strives to create new products and/or enhance existing ones so that they are the most informative, usable products available. To that, we are pleased to announce an upcoming change to your Gale Common Menu - the gateway to your Gale databases. At the end of October, the standard Gale common menu will be refreshed with icons to offer visual cues to users. In the past, this menu showed icons. We are now restoring these icons in response to many customer requests and we believe you will be pleased with the results.

What Do You Need To Do?

Nothing! The refreshed common menu will be visible to all customers who currently use it and the URL will remain the same, so you so not need to do anything to access the refreshed menu.

What Will the New Common Menu Look Like?

The Common Menu will look very much like it does today. Below are a couple screen captures that demonstrate what you, your patrons and your students will see when the enhancement occurs.

PDF Version: http://support.gale.com/article.asp?article=1807&p=10

HTML Version: http://support.gale.com/article.asp?article=1806&p=10

What If I Don't Want My Common Menu to Change?

We are currently working on a solution that will allow you to either disable these new icons or configure unique icons for custom databases through ITconfig. Our goal is to have this capability in place as the new icons are added. We will keep you informed as we move closer to completing that phase.

As always, if you have any questions about these changes, you can contact our support by calling 1-800-877-4253 (Option 4) or emailing us.

New OVID Platform--OVID SP--Arriving October 25

OVID Technologies will be unveiling their new platform, OVID SP, on October 25.

OVID SP will replace the current OVID Gateway platform. Current OVID Gateway users can switch over starting October 25. All OVID Gateway users must migrate to OVID SP by February 4, 2008, when the Gateway interface is phased out.

OVID has been releasing information bites about the new platform on their listserv since September. For more information, visit the OVID SP FAQ or the OVID SP resource center with Username resourcecenter and Password ovidsp.

Fall 2007 Product Trials

Now through October 31, MINITEX is highlighting the following vendors/products during the Fall 2007 trial period:

  • Accunet

  • Alexander Street Press

  • CountryWatch


  • Gale

  • H.W. Wilson

  • ProQuest/Serials Solutions

  • Rosen Publishing (New Vendor)

See CPERS 2007 Fall Trials for links to the trials and more information.

Facts on File (Re)Acquires Facts on File News Services

On August 7, 2007, Facts on File Inc. announced that they had acquired Facts on File News Services; Facts on File Inc. had sold the News Services division in 1996. The most immediate effect will be the elimination of confusion regarding the similar names of the two companies. See the Facts on File Inc. press release for more information.

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