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EBSCO Visual Search Redesign Arriving Late December

In early 2006, EBSCO introduced a third search option to EBSCOhost users, aptly named Visual Search. The graphically-appealing user interface was well-received by visual learners, providing zoomable frames populated with circles and squares which represented subject groupings, citations, and articles.

At the end of calendar year 2007, EBSCO will implement an advanced, newly-designed Visual Search option, continuing the graphically-appealing premise, with added punch and functionality. Users will enjoy the bonus of being able to select either of two Visual Search interface styles, presented in Adobe's Flash format. Library administrators who have access to the EBSCOadmin administrative tool will be able to control which of the two styles will serve as the default for their institution's subscription to EBSCOhost.

One of the two styles will include colorful blocks, each of which will represent a record or article related to the initial search criteria. Sorting and filtering options by date and relevance will provide users with the ability to focus and manage search results easily and efficiently.

The Columns interface style will enable users to conduct a search and see resulting rectangles (which represent articles neatly formed in columns), zip down the screen. Users will be able to see more articles by gliding their mouse to the edge of the screen. As with the block design, results will be "stacked" by publication or subject, sorted by relevance or date, or filtered using a date range slider bar.

Users will be able to select subject clusters to narrow a search and display a new column of results. When a user clicks on a subject, the previous sets of results will be retained, and the subjects will be illuminated and connected to form a bright “breadcrumb” trail to assist users in visualizing the path taken to reach their end results. This design will streamline the process of backtracking and embarking on a new path, for Visual Search users.

To see a screenshot of the redesign, click here.

Visit EBSCO's Support Site to learn about new features, search among thousands of FAQs, download Flash tutorials, Help Sheets or User Guides, or communicate with Technical Support at any time, using the EBSCO Support Form. You may also contact Technical Support by telephone, as follows:

• In the United States and Canada: (800) 758-5995
• Outside of the United States and Canada: access code, (800) 3272-6000

Basic BIOSIS Discontinued on OCLC FirstSearch

Access to the Basic BIOSIS database on the OCLC FirstSearch service will end on December 31, 2007. This change is due to Thomson Scientific’s plans to discontinue the Basic BIOSIS database.

OCLC will contact subscribers directly with details about reimbursement for unused portions of their existing subscriptions to the database. Libraries that support research in the sciences may wish to use other databases that index much of the same content as Basic BIOSIS. Related databases in the field of science include:

• Biological and Agricultural Index (indexes approximately 40% of the same content as Basic BIOSIS)

• Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management (indexes approximately 57% of the same content as Basic BIOSIS)
Together, the Biological and Agricultural Index and Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management databases cover approximately 97% of the 395 journals indexed in Basic BIOSIS.

Contact MINITEX if you have questions.

New NetLibrary eBook Shared Collection Available

West Region Shared Collection 2007, the newest NetLibrary eBook collection, is now available.

Visit CPERS NetLibrary Available Titles for the initial title list of about 700 eBooks (click on the link for "West Region Shared Collection initial title list"). The final list will be determined by the number of total participants and availability of new content. There will be a minimum of two seats/users per title; this number may increase depending on the amount of total participants.

Pricing is determined by type of library (Academic, Community College, or Public) and by FTE or population served. Libraries that order by December 14 receive early-bird pricing. The deadline for all orders is February 1. Contact MINITEX for pricing or if you have questions.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online Now Available

The Oxford Islamic Studies Online Database has just been launched. Oxford Islamic Studies Online contains over 3,000 A-Z reference entries, chapters from scholarly and introductory works, Qur'anic materials, primary sources, images, and timelines. See the OUP website for more details.

Special pricing is available for first-year orders placed by 12/31/2007--unlimited access subscribers receive an extra 20% discount in addition to the network discount of 20%. Contact MINITEX for a trial or pricing.

Alexander Street Press Service Interruption 11-10-07

Service Interruption Saturday, November 10

All Alexander Street Press databases will be down for routine maintenance and upgrades on Saturday, Nov 10 from approximately 7:00pm-11pm EST.
MARC Records Now Available

ASP has recently added new MARC record files for several of our databases, including Asian American Drama, North American Drama, and The Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts. Sign up to receive email notification when new MARC records become available for other databases. Read more.

From the Project MUSE Fall newsletter:

10,000 Links with MLA
Project MUSE is pleased to report that the linking process between Project MUSE and the electronic version of the MLA International Bibliography is complete. Citations listed in the MLA International Bibliography now link to MUSE articles included in the appoximately 200 MUSE journals covered by the Bibliography. The links include current as well as previous years' articles with over 10,000 links to the MUSE articles created.

The linking between MLA and Project MUSE streamlines access to articles in MUSE from citations listed in the electronic version of the MLA International Bibliography, regardless of the platform used to access the Bibliography.

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