Lexis-Nexis Ends Roper Polls Content

From the Lexis-Nexis Academic Listserv:

Dear Colleagues,

I regret to announce that LexisNexis Academic will lose the Roper Polls
content this month. The publisher has decided to opt out of the
agreement that made it possible for us to bring this content to academic
researchers. LexisNexis understands how important these polls are to
researchers. Our licensing team made a very determined effort to retain
academic rights, and they will continue discussions with the publisher
in hopes of reinstating this content in the future. The publisher has
made it clear that no reinstatement will happen in 2008, and has
directed us to remove the Roper Polls materials from LexisNexis Academic
prior to the end of 2007.

Some of you may have noticed that the Roper Polls materials were not
available beginning on Thursday, December 6. This was due to a mistake
on our part when the licensing change was first processed. The materials
have been reinstated for the time being, and will remain available until
approximately December 21.

Best regards,


Alistair Morrison | Product Manager, LexisNexis Academic

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