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Oxford Reference Online Updated

from the Oxford listserv:


I am pleased to announce that the quarterly update to Oxford Reference Online: Premium is now available at www.oxfordreference.com.

The latest update includes four superb titles, containing plenty of fascinating and scholarly content, focusing mainly on quotations and world history and politics. There are two new titles — The Oxford Companion to Australian Politics and The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations — which both contain outstanding content, boasting comprehensive and authoritative coverage of Australian political life and thought, and a rich array of American quotations. Subscribers also benefit from two new editions — The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and A Dictionary of Contemporary World History.

Be sure to download MARC records for the new titles in this update!

In addition to these new titles, this update offers further progress with linking together of all the biographical entries in the Premium Collection, with an extra 15,000+ new links added. That brings the current total to over 20,000! Browsing and exploring the people included in Premium Collection is now even easier and more satisfying — visit entries for John Adams, Louisa May Alcott, or Robert Fabyan to get a taste of this outstanding new functionality!

Another exciting update to the Premium Collection is the addition of three fantastic new timelines — Settlements of North America, The American Revolution and The American Civil War. These provide a chronological account of events in North America from 1200 BCE to 1877, with each moment linked to an entry in a trusted Oxford title in the Premium Collection.

Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection subscribers are now able to display their institutional logo on every page within the site. Visit Subscriber Services today to get started!

Two New Oxford Digital Reference Shelf Titles

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History and Black Women in America are now available for trial or purchase:

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, edited by Bonnie G. Smith, captures the experiences of women throughout history in a far-reaching, four-volume work. Although there has been extensive research on women in history by region, no other text or reference work has comprehensively covered the role women have played throughout world history. With over 650 biographies of influential women and over 600 topical articles covering topics such as geography and history, culture and society, organizations, movements, and gender studies, Women in World History is the definitive reference work in the field.

Black Women in America
This classic, award-winning reference work breaks new ground pulling together all of the research in this vast but under represented field to provide the most comprehensive resource in Black Women’s Studies. With more than 335 biographies and over 500 images, Black Women in America second edition celebrates the remarkable achievements of black women throughout history, highlights their ongoing contributions in America today, and covers the new research the first edition helped to generate.

For pricing or a free 30-day trial title, please contact MINITEX.

New Interface, New Content for Gale Databases

Gale has redesigned and added new content to the following databases: Business and Company Resource Center, Health and Wellness Resource Center, History Resource Center, and Biography Resource Center.

Gale Moving Directories Online

Gale is moving their popular print directories (currently 12 in all, but expanding to 16) online.

See the Gale website for more information.

Connecting to OVID through a Proxy or Firewall

from the OVID listserv:

Attention: To ensure that customers in every global region will have access to OvidSP on the morning of Monday, February 4th, 2008, all Ovid Gateway customers will be automatically directed to OvidSP on Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 3:30pm EST (8:30pm GMT).

If you access Ovid through a proxy or firewall, Click here http://www.ovid.com/site/support/firewall.jsp for important information on updating your settings. Customers using a proxy server such as EZproxy will need to modify their proxy settings prior to the transition to the new platform. Instructions specific to EZproxy can be found here http://www.usefulutilities.com/support/db/ovid.html.

We recommend forwarding this information to your institution's IT management. Failure to update proxy or firewall settings could result in temporary services outages at your location. Questions about these settings can be directed to support@ovid.com, or by calling our support desk (24x7) at 877 247 6843.

Library of Congress Photos on Flickr

The Library of Congress is now offering 3,100 images on Flickr. See the LOC website for details on the project and their Flickr account, http://www.flickr.com/photos/Library_of_Congress for the images.

Free Access to Gale Online Databases

from the Gale InfoTrac listserv

Dear Valued Customers: Gale is pleased to provide you with free access to some of our core databases, to help your users find the authoritative information they need when they need it. This has been an exciting year for Gale, as a number of our databases have seen tremendous improvements in both content and technology. Our Health and Wellness Resource Center, Biography Resource Center and History Resource Center all have new interfaces and significant new content. Gale's Literature Resource Center and its unmatched content is now on a new platform and cross-searchable with MLA, LitFinder and the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Both Academic and General OneFile are now the world's largest two periodical resources and they are cross-searchable, giving you access to more than 18,000 periodicals. Business and Company Resource Center recently was updated to include real-time financials, investment information, podcasts and blogs.

Please use the link below to access these databases for the next two weeks, free of charge.

And, as always, please let us know how we can help serve you better.


Nader M. Qaimari
Senior Director
Gale, a cengage Learning company
248-699-8139 (Office)
248-761-7095 (Mobile)

Ovid Gateway to OVIDSP Transition

from the OVID listserv:

Dear Ovid Customer,

There are less than 2 weeks to go until Ovid Gateway retires! So what exactly will happen and when?

To ensure that customers in every global region will have access to OvidSP on the morning of Monday, February 4th, 2008, all Ovid Gateway customers will be automatically directed to OvidSP on Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 3:30pm EST (8:30pm GMT). Click here for a World Time Zone converter to check the time for your local area. If you or one of your users is in a Gateway session at the time of the switchover, your session will continue uninterrupted until you log out or your session times out.

The timing was selected after evaluating worldwide system usage to identify a specific time that minimizes the impact to user workflow and ensures that all users and administrators will be transitioned to the new platform by the morning of Monday, February 4, 2008 - with the start of business in the Asia Pacific region.

After transition, Ovid Web Gateway will no longer be accessible. All user settings, jumpstarts, and alerts will remain intact and be fully functional in the new platform (Ovid Web Gateway Jumpstart URLs will automatically re-direct to OvidSP). Please be sure to update your bookmarks to include: http://ovidsp.ovid.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Firewall, Proxy, and E-mail Server Settings
Click here for important information on updating your settings. Customers using a proxy server such as EZproxy will need to modify their proxy settings prior to the transition to the new platform. Instructions specific to EZproxy can be found OvidSP Resource Center is your destination for all supporting materials and information.

To support both train-the-trainer and end-user training needs, we have a complete schedule of WebEx training sessions covering basic to advanced searching on OvidSP. Visit the OvidSP Resource Center or the training section on ovid.com.

Screen Shots, User Guides and Library Launch Kits
You can also download screenshots, a request form for a launch kit, Frequently Asked Questions, a User Guide, and more.

Remember, too, that OvidSP stats are currently available at https://ovidspstats.ovid.com. You will continue to have access to historical Gateway usage stats at support@ovid.com with any questions or concerns about the transition from Ovid Web Gateway to OvidSP.

Wolters Kluwer Health - Ovid

OvidSP WebStats Interface Is Live

from the OVID listserv:

Dear Ovid Customer:
As we approach the retirement of Ovid Web Gateway on February 4th, we’ll continue to provide as much information as possible to ease your transition to OvidSP.
We’re pleased to announce that our OvidSP WebStats interfaceis now live! You can now generate statistical reports that track and monitor all of your institution’s usage on OvidSP since the platform went live on October 25, 2007. (Please note that Ovid Gateway usage stats will be collected until the switchover to OvidSP; access to historical Gateway usage stats at http://ovid-admin.ovid.com/stats2/ will be available after February 4th).

To access the OvidSP WebStats interface and begin viewing your reports, simply create a username and password (these must be different from your Gateway stats username and password) by completing and submitting an online request form, located at http://www.ovid.com/site/trial/webstats_osp/index.jsp . Or simply send an email request to support@ovid.com with the following important information:

  • Institution name

  • Name of administrator on the account

  • Email of administrator on the account

  • Phone number of contact

Click here for screenshots of the OvidSP WebStats interface login screen and a sample report.

OvidSP usage statistics reports are COUNTER-compliant!
What does that mean? It means that the reports conform to the industry’s highest quality standard for online usage statistics, set forth by the non-profit COUNTER organization. Click here for more information about the COUNTER organization and its standards. Ovid is a COUNTER member.

Stay tuned next week for more details on what exactly will happen on February 4th. In the meantime, be sure to visit the OvidSP Resource Center for training sessions (including our popular Basic Search in Detail course), screenshots, Frequently Asked Questions, a User Guide, and more. If you have questions or feedback on the new platform, please contact your Ovid Account Representative or support@ovid.com.

Wolters Kluwer Health - Ovid

from the Facts on File listserv:

Check Out Our New Look!
As you know, Facts On File and Facts On File News Services are once again under common ownership, as the two companies were before March 1996. Since reuniting, our editors and online staff have been working together to introduce new and exciting improvements to World News Digest, Issues and Controversies, Issues and Controversies in American History, and Today's Science. These changes will go live soon when we relaunch these four News Services titles with a new, improved, and streamlined look! This extensive redesign will include a new interface, greater functionality, new special features, and much more.

As a service to our valued subscribers, we are providing you with special access to our beta sites. We encourage you to use these preview sites to familiarize yourself with the redesigned databases before they officially go live on Thursday, January 31. In addition, you may use the information provided below for further details and guidance. Click on the links below to jump to the titles of interest to your institution.

Learn where to find features relocated in the redesigned databases
Learn more about World News Digest
Learn more about Today's Science
Learn more about Issues and Controversies
Learn more about Issues and Controversies in American History

New Interface for Gale Literature Resource Center

From the Gale (Cengage) InfoTrac listserv:

Rollout of new Literature environment November 2007-summer 2008

New interface for Literature Resource Center
New cross-searching environment—Literature Resources from Gale

Literature Resource Center customers can migrate their accounts whenever they wish to the new interface released in November 2007. We are continuing to support the older interface at least until July 2008 as many customers do not want to make the change until the end of the current school year.

You can enable or disable the new interface using our administration module, ITconfig. Once logged into ITconfig, select “Locations” and you will see an option titled “Enable Literature Resource Center 4.0”.

Customers can also request the change by contacting Technical Support at Gale.TechnicalSupport@cengage.com.

If you would like to trial the new interface first, contact your Gale sales representative directly or at 1-800-877-4253 (press 2) to set up a free trial.

Highlights of the new interface include:

  • Enhanced “findability.” Searching by author name has always been an LRC strength—but now you get excellent results searching by title or topic, right from the Basic Search screen. Improved subject indexing and a complete restructuring of our content get LRC users to premium content with a single click, and a new approach to tabbed results helps them go straight to exactly the type of content they need.

  • Great new tools.
    o Browsable search indexes
    o Search by or within journal or reference title
    o Multiple options for sorting, filtering and searching within results
    o Easy bookmarking
    o Guided Tour accessible from the tool bar
    o “How to Cite” feature generates MLA and APA citations and supports EndNote, ProCite, RefWorks and Reference Manager

  • New cross-searching environment
    o As always, Scribner Writers Series and Twayne’s Authors Online can be integrated as modules of Literature Resource Center
    o “Literature Resources from Gale” cross-searches Literature Resource Center with LitFinder, the MLA International Bibliography, or both.
    o Customers with LRC and either LitFinder or MLA can cross-search a custom GVRL collection
    o New tools and features for MLA searches
    o More cross-searching options to come in 2008

Avery Index Coming Soon to WilsonWeb

The Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals will soon be available on HW Wilson WilsonWeb.

The Avery Index covers the following subjects:

Archaeology ● Architecture ● Architectural design ● City planning ● Furniture and decoration ● Historic preservation ● History of architecture ● Interior design ● Landscape architecture ● Urban planning

Dates of Coverage are 1934 to the present, with selective coverage back to 1741.

The Avery Index is a great companion to Wilson Art Museum Image Gallery and Art Full Text.

See the Wilson website for more information.

OVID Gateway Phased Out February 4

Remember that all OVID Gateway users must migrate to OVID SP by February 4, 2008, when the Gateway interface is phased out.

OVIDSP has been available since October. For more information, see the OVID SP FAQ, OVIDSP Basic Search, and OVIDSP User Guide.

CQ Press For Sale

The Times Publishing Co. of St. Petersburg, Fla., publisher of Congressional Quarterly Inc. (CQ), announced on January 3 that it is exploring the sale of CQ Press.

See the CQ Press releasewebsite for more information.

Excerpted from a Rosen Publishing press release:

Pew Study results indicate that when it comes to questions about health, careers, and public services, 21% of American young adults turn to their public library.

According to a joint study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, young adults are the most likely to use libraries in the future when they encounter problems: 40% of Gen Y (ages 18-30) said they would do so. This important user group also listed a number of topics they are most likely to need information for, including health issues, career concerns, and help with legal information on immigration, public services, and voting.

Rosen Publishing’s Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers directly addresses the needs of this sizeable library user group. By providing well researched, current, and on-target information on health and wellness topics in virtually every area of high interest, Teen Health & Wellness is the go-to resource for your library’s young adult users. With topics as diverse as acne and Alzheimer’s, military recruitment and volunteerism, and adoption and cyberbullying, users will find themselves returning to Teen Health & Wellness again and again to find answers to their questions. And with over 40 national hotlines available across fourteen categories, including AIDS/HIV and mental health, Teen Health & Wellness provides resources for those users with the most critical and urgent needs.

Available both in the library and remotely, Rosen Publishing’s Teen Health & Wellness is the one resource for your young adult users that shows them you care about their concerns, and provides answers that you can stand by.

Contact MINITEX for a trial and/or pricing.

3M Tattletape and RFID pricing

2007 pricing for 3M Tattletapes and RFID tags has been extended through January 2008. If you need to stock up on tattletapes and RFID tags order now before the February 2008 price increase...http://www.minitex.umn.edu/cpers/products/3M/...If you have any questions please contact Tim Peters at MINITEX 800-462-5348

23 Things On a Stick


23 Things On a Stick Program to Launch in January

St. Paul, Minnesota (January 7, 2008)--Minnesota's seven multicounty, multitype library systems (multitypes) will launch a twelve-week 23 Things on a Stick: A Library Learning 2.0 Program online on January 20, 2008. Staff in academic, school, public and special libraries, as well as members of library Governing and Advisory Boards are invited to participate in this fun, self-paced program that encourages participants to experiment with various Web 2.0 tools including photo editing, wikis, blogs, RSS, and more. Those who complete all 23 Things on a Stick within twelve weeks will win a completion prize.

This program will be the focus of breakout sessions on January 28th at the MEMO Midwinter Conference in Alexandria, MN. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the program and set up their blogs. It is not necessary to attend Midwinter to participate in 23 Things On a Stick. All details for participation and completion will be available online after January 20th at http://www.23thingsonastick.blogspot.com.

Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982 is now available on WilsonWeb.

Features include:

  • Indexing of more than 1,000 periodicals, with citations to over 2.5 million articles, including book reviews.

  • Contains the complete files of Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957) providing unique coverage of business through 1957.

  • Updated subject headings make finding information on business developments easy.
  • Original subject headings are provided, for insight into the evolution of methods and technology.

  • Personal and corporate names used as subject headings are standardized, to ensure retrieval of all records about an individual or a company.

See the H.W. Wilson website for more information. Contact MINITEX for pricing.

ProQuest EEBO and Gale ECCO linked

Gale and ProQuest announced the linking of Gale Eighteenth Century Collections Online and ProQuest Early English Books Online. For subscribers to both databases, a search in one database will also provide results from the other.

WilsonWeb CX Edition Coming Soon

H.W. Wilson will unveil new enhancements to WilsonWeb soon; the new platform is called WilsonWeb CX.

Following are some of the new features:

  • “Frameless” interface

  • Enhanced layout and graphics

  • Navigational improvements

  • Simplified Print, Email, and Save functions

  • Easy to use Search History screen

  • Full text translation capability

See the H.W. Wilson site for screenshots.

EBSCOHost News: Visual Search, Image Quick View

Check out the new EBSCOHost features!

  • Visual Search
    EBSCO has changed their visual searching. When you click on the VISUAL SEARCH tab, a short tutorial automatically plays on the opening page. Take a few seconds to see how this new feature works.

    For further help, download EBSCO documention:

    EBSCOhost Visual Search Help Sheet - Block Style Result List

    EBSCOhost Visual Search Help Sheet - Columns Style Result List

  • Image Quick View
    You can now see thumbnail images in an article citation (provided the article contains images). To enable this new feature, go to the PREFERENCES link at the top right-hand side of the page. In the DISPLAY OPTIONS menu, look for "Show Image Thumbnails". Click the ON radio button.

To see other new EBSCOHost features, click on the the NEW FEATURES link at the top right-hand side of the page.

Oxford Online Launches Encyclopedia of Popular Music

Oxford University Press has just launched their newest online resource--the Encyclopedia of Popular Music:

  • 27,000 entries

  • Regularly updated with new and revised entries

  • Not just Rock & Roll: comprehensive coverage of popular music of all genres and periods from 1900 to the present day, including jazz, country, folk, rap, reggae, techno, musicals, world music, and more

  • Clear, intuitive, and attractive interface that meets the highest standards of accessibility

  • Search discographies by label, date, and album rating, and also search by genre and by decade

  • Extensive cross-references between articles provide ease of research

  • Cross-searchable with other Oxford Music Online reference content – beginning Spring 2008 with a redesigned Grove Music Online

As a special introductory offer, subscribers receive a 20% discount on the first year of an unlimited access subscription by ordering before January 31, 2008. Contact MINITEX for pricing or to register for a trial.

ELM Listed in Mpls/St Paul Magazine

ELM made it on Mpls/St Paul Magazine's reference website list!

 "This little-known website is an extraordinary online resource," stated the blurb on ELM in the most recent issue (Jan 2008) of the MPLS/ St. Paul magazine!  The Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) was the only reference website listed in the article "Guide to Weird, Wacky Wonderful Local Websites" (p 186).  Let's make ELM more than just a "little-known website" this year!  For training or promotional materials contact the MINITEX Reference Services department at 1-800-462-5348.

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