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23 Things On a Stick Program to Launch in January

St. Paul, Minnesota (January 7, 2008)--Minnesota's seven multicounty, multitype library systems (multitypes) will launch a twelve-week 23 Things on a Stick: A Library Learning 2.0 Program online on January 20, 2008. Staff in academic, school, public and special libraries, as well as members of library Governing and Advisory Boards are invited to participate in this fun, self-paced program that encourages participants to experiment with various Web 2.0 tools including photo editing, wikis, blogs, RSS, and more. Those who complete all 23 Things on a Stick within twelve weeks will win a completion prize.

This program will be the focus of breakout sessions on January 28th at the MEMO Midwinter Conference in Alexandria, MN. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the program and set up their blogs. It is not necessary to attend Midwinter to participate in 23 Things On a Stick. All details for participation and completion will be available online after January 20th at http://www.23thingsonastick.blogspot.com.

The 23 Things are online activities that encourage participants to experiment and learn about new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today. The activities are hands-on with experiential exercises, short readings and discovery work. Each Thing can take as little as one hour or as much time as you’d like to give it. The Minnesota Voluntary Certification Program has approved this program for 12 contact hours to meet public service and technology competencies. Continuing Education Units will be available to all participants as well. Early endorsements of this program include but are not limited to, MLA, MEMO, MINITEX, and State Library Services. Others are expected to add their support and will be mentioned on the 23 Things On a Stick blog.

Participants who wish to receive the completion incentive must register their blogs (Thing 1) by February 15th and complete 23 Things (and blog about each one) by April 16, 2008 (National Library Week). Receipt of the completion incentive enters participants in a statewide drawing for additional prizes.

According to Ann Walker Smalley, Metronet Director, “23 Things On a Stick offers ideas to ‘jump start’ your learning. We hope you will share your ideas on how these Web 2.0 tools can be used in your libraries and media centers. We have used many Web 2.0 tools to design this program, including Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, PBWiki and Bloglines, which we learned as we went. You can learn them too!” Participants are encouraged to work with others in their libraries or regions and to share their insights and discoveries either through the participants blogs or in person.

This program is the Minnesota twist on the 23 Things: Library Learning 2.0 program, developed by Helene Blowers at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenberg County. Library organizations across the country have used the 23 Things concept to encourage staff to learn and use these Web 2.0 tools. The directors and staff of the seven Minnesota Multicounty Multitype Library Systems are the core of the 23 Things On a Stick team, with additional coaches available across the state. This group has worked together to develop 23 Things on a Stick and to customize it for Minnesota library staff. This group will track participants’ progress as shown in the individual blogs and provide helpful hints and encouraging words.

The multitype library systems respond to the needs of Minnesota librarians by providing library support services, including continuing education. The multiytpe systems believe that knowledgeable library staffs are better able to meet the needs of their library users. The multitypes connect library staff in all types of libraries to professional and staff development opportunities and look forward to broad participation in this exciting learning program.

Contact: Ann Walker-Smalley, Metronet Director

23 Things On a Stick blog is online at http://www.23thingsonastick.blogspot.com

This press release is also available in PDF at


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