OvidSP WebStats Interface Is Live

from the OVID listserv:

Dear Ovid Customer:
As we approach the retirement of Ovid Web Gateway on February 4th, we’ll continue to provide as much information as possible to ease your transition to OvidSP.
We’re pleased to announce that our OvidSP WebStats interfaceis now live! You can now generate statistical reports that track and monitor all of your institution’s usage on OvidSP since the platform went live on October 25, 2007. (Please note that Ovid Gateway usage stats will be collected until the switchover to OvidSP; access to historical Gateway usage stats at http://ovid-admin.ovid.com/stats2/ will be available after February 4th).

To access the OvidSP WebStats interface and begin viewing your reports, simply create a username and password (these must be different from your Gateway stats username and password) by completing and submitting an online request form, located at http://www.ovid.com/site/trial/webstats_osp/index.jsp . Or simply send an email request to support@ovid.com with the following important information:

  • Institution name

  • Name of administrator on the account

  • Email of administrator on the account

  • Phone number of contact

Click here for screenshots of the OvidSP WebStats interface login screen and a sample report.

OvidSP usage statistics reports are COUNTER-compliant!
What does that mean? It means that the reports conform to the industry’s highest quality standard for online usage statistics, set forth by the non-profit COUNTER organization. Click here for more information about the COUNTER organization and its standards. Ovid is a COUNTER member.

Stay tuned next week for more details on what exactly will happen on February 4th. In the meantime, be sure to visit the OvidSP Resource Center for training sessions (including our popular Basic Search in Detail course), screenshots, Frequently Asked Questions, a User Guide, and more. If you have questions or feedback on the new platform, please contact your Ovid Account Representative or support@ovid.com.

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