Platform Enhancements for Facts on File News Services Databases January 31

from the Facts on File listserv:

Check Out Our New Look!
As you know, Facts On File and Facts On File News Services are once again under common ownership, as the two companies were before March 1996. Since reuniting, our editors and online staff have been working together to introduce new and exciting improvements to World News Digest, Issues and Controversies, Issues and Controversies in American History, and Today's Science. These changes will go live soon when we relaunch these four News Services titles with a new, improved, and streamlined look! This extensive redesign will include a new interface, greater functionality, new special features, and much more.

As a service to our valued subscribers, we are providing you with special access to our beta sites. We encourage you to use these preview sites to familiarize yourself with the redesigned databases before they officially go live on Thursday, January 31. In addition, you may use the information provided below for further details and guidance. Click on the links below to jump to the titles of interest to your institution.

Learn where to find features relocated in the redesigned databases
Learn more about World News Digest
Learn more about Today's Science
Learn more about Issues and Controversies
Learn more about Issues and Controversies in American History

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