Teen Health & Wellness Delivers the Content Most Important to the Heaviest Users of Public Libraries—Young Adults

Excerpted from a Rosen Publishing press release:

Pew Study results indicate that when it comes to questions about health, careers, and public services, 21% of American young adults turn to their public library.

According to a joint study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, young adults are the most likely to use libraries in the future when they encounter problems: 40% of Gen Y (ages 18-30) said they would do so. This important user group also listed a number of topics they are most likely to need information for, including health issues, career concerns, and help with legal information on immigration, public services, and voting.

Rosen Publishing’s Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers directly addresses the needs of this sizeable library user group. By providing well researched, current, and on-target information on health and wellness topics in virtually every area of high interest, Teen Health & Wellness is the go-to resource for your library’s young adult users. With topics as diverse as acne and Alzheimer’s, military recruitment and volunteerism, and adoption and cyberbullying, users will find themselves returning to Teen Health & Wellness again and again to find answers to their questions. And with over 40 national hotlines available across fourteen categories, including AIDS/HIV and mental health, Teen Health & Wellness provides resources for those users with the most critical and urgent needs.

Available both in the library and remotely, Rosen Publishing’s Teen Health & Wellness is the one resource for your young adult users that shows them you care about their concerns, and provides answers that you can stand by.

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