OvidSP Released August 14, 2008

From Ovid:

Dear Ovid Customer:

We are pleased to announce that new features and enhancements were added to OvidSP on Thursday, August 14th at 8:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (12:00 GMT). Click here for a World Time Zone converter to check the time for your local area.

Be sure to inform your users of the new features and functionality:

  • A Multi-Field Search mode for all databases

  • Collapsible Search Aid box

  • Results Manager is collapsible and available above and below the main search box

  • You can move the Search History above the main search box; plus, sort searches in ascending or descending order, and identify each search by search type

  • Choose the limits you want to appear as common limits on the main search page

  • Create, edit, and add multiple annotations to a citation

  • Browse Books and Browse Journals links available on the Select a Database page

  • Direct linking from Search Aids to the tree

  • Browser support for adjusting font size

  • Users logged into their personal accounts will see their name and institutions

  • Instructional “hint” text for Basic Search

OvidSP Resource Center
If you have any questions about the latest release of OvidSP, please contact support@ovid.com or your Account Representative. Remember to visit the OvidSP Resource Center for all things related to the release to help you prepare your users, including screenshots, frequently asked questions, training schedules, marketing materials, and more.

Wolters Kluwer Health - Ovid

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