ACM Digital Library Employs New Search Technology

from the Dec 17, 2008 ACM Digital Library Bulletin Service:

ACM Digital Library Employs New Search Technology

As part of its ongoing investment in the content, features, performance, and worldwide reach of its Digital Library (DL), ACM has introduced a powerful new search capability that enables users to not only explore existing data but to discover unexpected information that goes beyond simple query results.

Called Guided Navigation, this search technology employs the Endeca Information Access Platform, a new class of database designed for exploring information, not just managing transactions.

How does Guided Navigation work?
Guided Navigation:

  • Lets users prioritize and personalize their choices, rather than directing them down a classification path.

  • Applies structured metadata to content, enabling the subsequent search results interface to make the data available in different views or “facets” of the information.

  • Creates a myriad of valid browse paths to each record, greatly increasing the likelihood that a user will what they need.

Learn more and view an example of how the new DL search technology works.

Read ACM’s Press Release.

See the bulletin for further news.

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