OCLC Publishes Annual Report

from OCLC:

In the report, Jay Jordan, OCLC President and Chief Executive Officer, wrote that fiscal 2008 was an exceptional year for the OCLC cooperative. Participating libraries set new records in online cataloging and resource sharing and contributed more records and holdings to WorldCat than ever before. At the same time, the membership adopted a new, next-generation governance structure as OCLC began to introduce new, next-generation services.

The new governance structure is designed to make it easier for libraries and knowledge institutions around the world to use OCLC services and participate in the governance of the cooperative. The changes will transform the current Members Council into a Global Council that connects with Regional Councils around the world.

And the new, next-generation Web services are designed to deliver information to people when and where wanted and greatly amplify the power of library cooperation. Some services will interconnect over the Web through machine-to-machine interfaces. Others will reside where they are technically most appropriate, at the local, group or global level.
The report is being mailed to regional service providers, global service providers and OCLC member libraries.

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