Gale IP Update Message--New Addresses

from Gale:

Dear Gale Subscribers,

In February 2009, Gale will be introducing a new set of IP addresses into our hosting facility. We are adding the additional IP address ranges to increase customer availability to our online products, add redundancy, and to improve system monitoring. These new IP address ranges will be used in addition to our already existing IP ranges.

If you use IP addresses to include, exclude, or filter web sites, you should add these new IP addresses to your firewall and/or proxy server configurations. Listed below is a complete list of the IP address ranges we will be using for our online databases.

Existing IP Address Ranges:

New IP Address Ranges:

This information can be referenced online using the following web address:

If you have questions please contact Gale's Technical Support department at 800-877-4253 (option 4), or by email at

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