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Gale Database Trials Available through May

Gale is offering free trials of many of its databases to Minitex libraries from now until May 29, 2009. Included in the trials are their newest databases: Global Issues in Context, Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online, and Something About the Author Online. Global Issues in Context received a glowing review in School Library Journal; it's well worth a test browse/search.

The trials are all available here:

Please contact CPERS for pricing and ordering information.

Gale Digital Newspaper Archives April Webinars

In April, Gale will be hosting two informational webinars for Minitex members on their digital newspaper archives: Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers and The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985. The same information will be covered in both sessions. Here are the webinar details:

Host: Scott Dawson – Product Manager, Gale Digital Collections
Call Title: MINITEX Overview of Digital Collections
Call Date: Thursday, April 16th
Call Time: 2:00 PM Central
Confirmation Number: 18301695
Primary Dial-In: 866-394-9513
Passcode: 7830 545#
To join the web conference:
For a current list of alternate numbers:

Host: Scott Dawson – Product Manager, Gale Digital Collections
Call Title: MINITEX Overview of Digital Collections
Call Date: Wednesday, April 29th
Call Time: 11:00 AM Central
Confirmation Number: 18301695
Primary Dial-In: 866-394-9513
Passcode: 7830 545#
To join the web conference:
For a current list of alternate numbers:

For more information on the archives and a link to the trials, please continue reading after the jump.

Project MUSE MARC Records for 2009

from Project MUSE:

Project MUSE is pleased to announce that 2009 MARC records are now available for each of MUSE's six collections. The record sets are full level description in the MARC21 format and include Library of Congress (LC) subject headings. Each collection's record set includes journals launched as of the beginning of the current subscription year. Updates to the record sets are added periodically during the year as new journals are launched. You may sign up to receive an email when the updated records are available.

The MUSE MARC records are available for downloading from the MUSE website. The records are offered to subscribing institutions at no charge. The record sets include all journals in a collection including those that are no longer contributing new issues to MUSE. Even though a journal does not contribute new issues to MUSE, all previously launched issues of that journal remain online and accessible to subscribers.

Additional details, instructions for downloading, and a link to sign up for email notification of updated records are found on the MUSE MARC Records page:

Questions about MUSE MARC records may be sent to

Project MUSE Expands More by This Author Feature

from Project MUSE:

Project MUSE is pleased to announce the addition of a new search feature that quickly connects users to more articles by an author. Look for the new 'More By' feature on each article. The 'More By' feature appears for each author listed as contributing to the article. Users can simply click on the linked author name to find additional articles in MUSE by the author.

In addition to providing quick access to more MUSE articles by the author, MUSE expanded the search to include links to more works by the author in Google Scholar and OCLC WorldCat. Google Scholar indexes peer-reviewed articles, books, theses, papers and abstracts from a wide variety of sources across many disciplines. Linking to the author's works in WorldCat using the 'Find in a library' link adds depth to a user's research, as the WorldCat record provides information about access to all formats of the author's work. WorldCat allows users to search the collections of libraries in their communities, as well as many others around the world, for both physical items and digital content.

For the July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010 subscription period, Oxford University Press has announced that there will be no price increases. So, pricing for all 2009 - 10 subscriptions will be calculated using the 08-09 pricing models.

Also, OUP is offering a promotion for NEW subscription orders. For customers wanting to add NEW online resources (excluding law products), OUP will charge the 12-month price but access will begin immediately. So, depending on when you place your order, you will get either 15, 14, or 13 months of access for the price of 12 months (all subscriptions will run through 6/30/2010).

Minitex has not started the OUP renewal process yet (if all goes as planned, this will start in late April). However, we thought it best to give advance notice of OUP’s promotion for new subscriptions.

If you would like a trial, pricing, or have any questions or comments, please contact CPERS.

2009 LexisNexis Renewals

It’s time to renew LexisNexis subscription(s). More information about LexisNexis products are available at the Minitex LexisNexis website.

Trials can be requested directly from LexisNexis.

Good news: pricing is the same as last year.

See the Minitex website for pricing.

Subscription Dates:
July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010

Renewals Process:

  • Existing subscribers do not need to complete a new license agreement.

  • IP address is not needed for renewals.

Use the Minitex online webform to submit your renewal.

You will receive a copy of the form; the email serves as your renewal confirmation.

Renewal/Order Deadline:
The renewal deadline is early this year: April 24, 2009. Any orders received after April 24 will be considered late and Solinet will not guarantee access on July 1st.

Please contact CPERS with questions.

Project MUSE becomes latest WorldCat partner

from OCLC:

OCLC welcomes Project MUSE to the growing list WorldCat partners. MUSE chose WorldCat to help connect its users to more articles by an author through a new discovery feature called ‘More By,’ which appears on each article display within Project MUSE. Users simply click on the linked contributing author name to find additional articles in MUSE, and Google Scholar.

Partnering with WorldCat means that Project MUSE users can now connect to the author’s works in libraries, through WorldCat’s distinctive “Find in a library” link. Melanie Schaffner, Marketing and Sales Manager for Project MUSE, explains that, “Including a link to WorldCat adds depth to a user’s research, as the WorldCat record provides information about access to all formats of the author’s work. WorldCat allows users to search the collections of libraries in their communities, as well as many others around the world, for both physical items and digital content.”

Managed by the Johns Hopkins University Press, Project MUSE represents a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers to provide an online source for full-text access to more than 400 prestigious humanities and social sciences journals.

View announcement

OvidSP Enhancements Scheduled for the End of March

from OVID:

Dear Ovid Customer:

As you know, at Ovid we believe in a continuous technology evolution of our OvidSP platform. We deploy multiple releases throughout the year with new functionality and interface enhancements that are based directly on user and information manager feedback.

We’re pleased to announce that the next release of OvidSP will be live at the end of March! Designed to give you and your users even more search flexibility and efficiency, the following new functionality will be available as part of this release:

  • Customizable Search Fields – Display frequently used fields in a new MyFields tab-you no longer have to select them each time you perform a search since OvidSP will remember them each time you log in. Easily add or remove all other fields-now located in a Show All tab-based on your preferences.

  • New Limit to Star Ranking – Limit searches to generate results with a specific ranking, such as five or four stars. Remember-ranking denotes relevancy; five stars indicate the highest relevancy.

  • Enhanced Limit-to-Publication-Year – You will be able to select “current” (i.e., “Limit to 2006-Current”), rather than a specific year, as your end date so you can stay up-to-date with the most current information available.

  • Quarterly AutoAlerts – Set up to receive AutoAlerts on a quarterly basis.

  • Improved highlighting – We’re improving the accuracy of highlighting in OvidSP for both Basic Search as well as Advanced Search. Only specific search terms used will be highlighted; these will be highlighted in yellow. Expanded terms will be highlighted in red.

  • Clin-eguide customers only – You will find a new link from the main search page of all search modes directly to the Clin-eguide homepage.

Stay tuned for details on a specific time and day for this release.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see sample screenshots of these new enhancements in the OvidSP Resource Center. Remember to check the Resource Center regularly for new informational materials, training courses, and online tutorials. Contact if you have any questions.

Wolters Kluwer Health - Ovid

from McGraw-Hill:

Important news for McGraw-Hill Digital Engineering Library customers

McGraw-Hill is pleased to announce the pending launch of AccessEngineering, a major redesign of the online engineering resource now known as McGraw-Hill's Digital Engineering Library. AccessEngineering's new user focused design enhances this dynamic source of engineering content, and will support all levels of scientific and technical research in the corporate, industrial, government and academic sectors.

The new URL for AccessEngineering will be active on March 9:

New/Upcoming EBSCOhost Enhancements

from EBSCO:

Dear EBSCO Customer,

We're excited to announce the upcoming and existing availability of these EBSCOhost enhancements:

Coming Soon: Zero Results Prevention

Zero Results Prevention can be enabled within EBSCOadmin to run whenever a query returns no results. Alternately, users can set a Preference during an EBSCOhost session for Zero Results Prevention to function this way. For details on this new functionality, click here. (Trouble using this link? Try pasting this URL into your browser:

Search Box Builder

Did you know that you can create a search box to give users instant access to your valuable EBSCO online resources from EBSCO, which can be placed on any library web page. Read more about it, view the brief video and FAQ details, on this page. (If you cannot use this link, copy and paste this URL into your browser to access the page:

Ten Minute Training

This popular series of very short (ten minutes, really) online training sessions, each focusing on a specific EBSCOhost feature or functionality, is back for spring! The next session will be for library administrators who have access to EBSCOadmin, and wish to learn how to set up a default start page in EBSCOhost. The Default Start Page session will be held on Wednesday, April 15 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. If you are a library administrator with access to the EBSCOadmin module for your account, please reply to this email with your name, title and institution name to register.

Visit EBSCO's Support Site ( to learn about new features, search among thousands of FAQs, download Flash tutorials, Help Sheets or User Guides, or communicate with Technical Support at any time, using the EBSCO Support Form:(

Credo Reference March Informational Webinars

Credo Reference is a full-text online reference collection of more than 390 titles.

Credo Reference has scheduled more informational webinars for March

  • Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 2:00 pm, CST

  • Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 1:00 pm, CST

  • Friday, March 20, 2009, 10:00 am, CST

  • Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 3:00 pm, CST

  • Thursday, March 26, 2009, 11:00 am, CST

  • Monday, March 30, 2009, 1:00 pm, CST

The Minitex CPERS eHRAF (e Human Relations Area FIles) group renews soon; the subscription period is July 1 through June 31. If you've been curious about this resource, now's the time to trial it; HRAF is offering a free semester-long trial.

From Yale HRAF:

Dear Member Institutions of the MINITEX consortium:

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), a non-profit research organization at Yale University, would like to invite your institution to a free semester-long trial for its eHRAF World Cultures/Archaeology databases. The eHRAF databases are ideal for research and teaching, especially for those researching either individual societies or conducting cross-cultural studies on particular subjects. Please call Christiane Cunnar (HRAF Member Services) at 203-764-9401 or email to indicate whether you would like a password trial or an IP authenticated trial.

In the past eHRAF World Cultures in microfiche format was considered a primarily "anthropological" resource. However, the electronic format has made eHRAF a truly multi-disciplinary resource. In recent years, an increasing number of faculty and students have used eHRAF for cross-cultural studies in medicine, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines that require an understanding of the world's cultures.

from EBSCO:

EBSCO's Customer Care team has recently received inquiries about the behavior of the EBSCO A-to-Z list when adding or removing certain titles in their collection. In order to help you better manage your A-to-Z collection, we would like to clarify how to add or remove individual titles that are part of a “complete package”.

New Titles Debut in Project MUSE

from Project MUSE:

** From Slavica Publishers:

Serbian Studies: Journal of the North American Society for Serbian Studies

The peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the North American Society for Serbian Studies, Serbian Studies publishes scholarly articles in all aspects of the Serbian cultural heritage, archival documents, and source material related to the Serbian immigration to North America. Founded in 1978, the NASSS is an organizational member of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. Its membership consists of individuals interested in, and dedicated to, the multidisciplinary study, and advancement of, knowledge of Serbia and the Serbian diaspora.

E-ISSN: 1941-9511
Print ISSN: 0742-3330

Included in the MUSE 2009 Premium Collection

For more information on the journal:

For the Table of Contents:


EBSCO Medical Searching Enhancements

from EBSCO:

Dear EBSCO Customer,
Over the past few years, we have added many new databases, additional users and experienced a 300% increase in usage in the medical/healthcare community.  Many additional features will be released in the next six months. The first release of new features includes:
  • Mass deletion of one’s search history
  • The ability to refresh/rerun an entire search history
  • EndNote support
  • Support of new EBSCOadmin options to Default Thesaurus Explode on or off, and to clear the Find field after performing a search
Some additional enhancements coming in future 2009 releases will include the following: single citation matcher, EBSCOadmin functionality to permit 200 results to be placed in folder and displayed, and improved nesting with proximity operators. We look forward to continuing to meet your medical searching needs.
Please visit EBSCO's CINAHL Support Center: for more information, and:

Trials on Gale Digital Newspaper Archives Available Now

From March 1 through April 30, Gale is offering trials on two digital newspaper archives: Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers and The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985.

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers features digital facsimile images of both full pages and clipped articles for hundreds of 19th century U.S. newspapers as well as advanced searching capabilities. For each issue, the newspaper is captured from cover-to-cover, providing access to every article, advertisement, and illustration.

The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985, allows researchers to search through the complete digital edition of The Times (London), using keyword searching and hit-term highlighting to retrieve full facsimile images of either a specific article or a complete page. The entire newspaper is captured, with all articles, advertisements, and illustrations/photos divided into categories to facilitate searching.

For access to the newspaper archives trials, as well as product summaries and title lists, click

Please contact CPERS for pricing and ordering information.

Oxford University Press Spring Sale (Print Titles)

Oxford University Press is having a Spring sale on selected print titles. Order directly from the Oxford site.

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