Changes to EBSCO A-to-Z®: Display of E-Journals Purchased through EBSCO, New OpenURL Linking

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On 14 February 2010, EBSCO will introduce two key enhancements to EBSCO A-to-Z®:

E-Journals Purchased through EBSCO Now Display Under Vendor and Package

In the past, e-journals purchased through EBSCO were displayed as a part of the "E-Journals from EBSCO" package within the A-to-Z Administrator site Collection Editor and Title Wizard, as well as on the A-to-Z Reader site. For example, the SAGE Publications title "American Politics Quarterly"(which is ordered through EBSCO) would display on A-to-Z as part of the "E-Journals from EBSCO"package.

Now, individual e-journals and e-journals in publisher packages purchased through EBSCO will be listed on the A-to-Z Administrator and Reader sites in the context of the appropriate publisher offering as represented in the A-to-Z knowledge base. In the example above, "American Politics Quarterly" would be displayed under the vendor SAGE and in the appropriate e-journal package on both the Administrator and Reader sites.

This modification is intended to more clearly indicate the relationship of the vendor to the resource on the A-to-Z Administrator site. In addition, this change will help your users more easily locate the correct title on the A-to-Z Reader site.

In addition, if you applied proxy settings and notes/icons to an e-journal package or title that was formerly offered in the E-Journals from EBSCO package, you may want to add these settings to the new vendor or package beginning on Monday, 15 February 2010. Customer Satisfaction will be happy to assist you by associating these settings for you. If you need assistance applying these settings to the new listing for the package or title, please contact Customer Satisfaction at or by phone at (800) 758-5995.

EBSCO A-to-Z Now Offering Open URL Linking

The EBSCO A-to-Z® service will now be able to function as a simple OpenURL link resolver! This new feature will allow your institution to take advantage of OpenURL linking opportunities offered by your various content sites, including Google™ Scholar and PubMed. Once you set up these sites to use A-to-Z OpenURL linking, your users will have single-click access to check if the article they are interested in is available in your collection (as represented on A-to-Z). The user will be presented with the article immediately if it is available in the e-journals you purchase through EBSCO or in one of your EBSCOhost full-text databases. If the article is not available, they will be presented with the A-to-Z Title List and will view the title that would contain the article.

The OpenURL support now offered by A-to-Z is not intended as a replacement for the more powerful and advanced functionality found in LinkSource®. LinkSource, EBSCO's OpenURL link resolver, offers a more robust linking system, including (but not limited to):

  • Article-level links to the majority of resources in your collection, regardless of vendor
  • Links to your OPAC
  • Interlibrary loan request forms
  • Document delivery services
  • Integration with citation managers
  • Branding and customization options to help you match LinkSource to your institution's branding

For more information on how to set up A-to-Z OpenURL support for your institution, please view this help sheet.

Questions? Contact EBSCO Customer Satisfaction. Phone: (800) 758-5995 (U.S.A. and Canada), 00-800-3272-6000 (International Toll-Free), +1-978-356-6500, option 6 (International Toll). Support is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Email:

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