Project MUSE Supports SUSHI

from Project MUSE:

Project MUSE is very pleased to announce that your MUSE usage statistics may now be accessed via the SUSHI protocol. The SUSHI protocol simplifies the process of gathering usage statistics by providing an automatic exchange between your institution's computer system and Project MUSE. SUSHI stands for "standardized usage statistics harvesting initiative."

Before SUSHI capability in MUSE, subscribers needed to manually request their COUNTER compliant usage statistics each month from the MUSE statistics page. Now, subscribing institutions can set up the monthly access using SUSHI.

For details on how to set up the SUSHI connection, go to the MUSE usage statistics page, Log in using your MUSE usage statistics login and password. Once you have logged in to your institution's page, look for the section "Parameters required to access statistics via the SUSHI protocol". There you will find the destination URL, your institution's reference ID and requestor ID needed to set up the connection.

Questions about SUSHI support on MUSE and requests for a usage statistics login and password may be directed to MUSE Customer Support at

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