Final Week for Films Media Group Trial

There's only a few days left for the Films Media Group streaming video Films on Demand trial. The trial lasts until May 31, 2010: Username: minitex1 / Password: minitex

Mintex is able to offer subscriptions at a 10% discount.

Films on Demand subscriptions are available in two general collections: Master Academic Collection or Career Technical Master Education and eight specific subject collections:

    Humanities & Social Sciences
    Business & Economics
    Science & Mathematics Collection
    Health & Medicine Collection
    Careers & Job Search
    Family & Consumer Science
    Guidance & Counseling
    Technical Education

Master Academic Collection
The Master Academic collection offers 5,600 full-length, curriculum-focused, streaming videos grouped into prearranged subject-specific categories: Humanities & Social Sciences; Business & Economics; Science & Mathematics; and Health & Medicine.

Career and Technical Education Master Collection
The Career and Technical Education collection offers 1,200 full-length streaming videos grouped into pre-arranged subjects: Technical Education, Careers & Job Search, Family & Consumer Sciences, and Guidance & Counseling.

All subscriptions are unlimited users and can be viewed on or off-site.
View a full list of titles in each collection.

View an FAQ about Films Media Group streaming video, Films on Demand.

Should you have questions or, after trying out the resource, have comments, please contact CPERS.

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