H.W. Wilson Retrospective Literature Databases Link to Full Text Books on HathiTrust

H.W. Wilson's Essay & General Literature Retrospective, Short Story Index Retrospective, and Book Review Digest Retrospective databases now feature links to the full text of public-domain books and other materials available through the HathiTrust digital library.

Records in Book Review Digest Retrospective: 1905-1982, Wilson's acclaimed index of book reviews back to the 19th century, now feature some 3,700 links to full-text books on HathiTrust. Essay & General Literature Retrospective: 1900-1984, an index of tens of thousands of essays from collections and anthologies back to the 19th century, now features more than 3,320 links to books on HathiTrust. Short Story Index Retrospective: 1915-1983, an index of more than 150,000 works of short fiction published from the 1830s to the 1980s, now features more than 1,330 links to books on HathiTrust. The number of links will grow as HathiTrust adds new public-domain content.

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