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St. Paul Pioneer Press Added to ProQuest Newsstand

ProQuest is pleased to announce the addition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press to the ProQuest Newsstand database! Access is available now with backfiles to April 21, 2010. This important Minnesota newspaper joins the hundreds of other regional and national newspapers available in ProQuest Newsstand and accessible to Minnesota libraries through ELM. Please contact MINITEX's ELM Support if you have any questions.

What's New with Teen Health & Wellness

Here's a summary of what's NEW with Teen Health & Wellness for Fall 2010:

  • Instant translation into 50 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Haitian Creole
  • Site optimized for Smartphones to connect anytime, anywhere
  • Social bookmarking allows users to share article links with friends and family
  • Videos throughout, including student created PSAs, add a new level of interactivity
  • Customizable hotlines for local community resources
  • Expanded photos, illustrations, and charts
  • Health calculators⎯Body Mass Index (BMI), budget, blood alcohol content, and more⎯for personalized tips
  • Redesigned home page featuring video and teen created content, highlighting the Personal Story Project
  • New articles (50) including the teen brain, concussions, first aid, being part of a military family, hate crimes, foster care, being GLBT
  • All entries have been updated in 2010, with the majority updated between June and August 2010

For trials or pricing, email CPERS

ScienceDirect and Scopus scheduled outage

from Elsevier:

ScienceDirect, Scopus, Journals Consult and the Admin Tool will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance for approximately 9 hours on Saturday, 28 August. During this time, upgrades will be implemented to these systems as part of the launch of the new SciVerse platform. For more information about SciVerse, please visit

Down time by region is expected to be as follows:

  • U.S. Eastern Daylight Time: 7:30AM to 4:30PM, August 28
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 12:30PM to 9:30PM, August 28
  • Singapore Standard Time: 8:30PM August 28 to 5:30AM August 29

We apologize for the inconvenience while we improve your Elsevier products.


The Elsevier Team.

from EBSCO:

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has added text-to-speech (read aloud) support to EBSCOhost®databases, including its major school and public library databases, by embedding Texthelp Systems' SpeechStream toolbar--a valuable benefit provided at no additional cost to the user. Users will be able to take advantage of this new feature with any full-text articles available in HTML.

Text-to-speech support, already featured in EBSCO's English Language Learner Reference Center™, allows users to read along while a human-sounding voice speaks the text on the screen. The support toolbar provides significant assistance to those for whom text-to-speech capabilities are highly valued such as English Language Learners, users with low vision, slight physical and/or learning disabilities, as well as eBook and PDA users.

Texthelp Systems is the industry leader in literacy and language support technology for online learning. Recent studies have shown that students using Texthelp's literacy support tools demonstrated significant improvements in both reading comprehension and writing performance. The President of Texthelp Systems, Jack Dolan, says SpeechStream delivers high quality reading support via the Web to improve access to information. "With the ever increasing demand to provide all users access to electronic resources when and where they need them, our partnership with EBSCO allows us to deliver the literacy support tools these users require."

Utilizing the text-to-speech feature via the EBSCOhost platform provides many advantages. Users have the ability to read-aloud by selected text, sentence, paragraph, or continuous reading with dual color synchronous highlighting (highlighting of the passage being read with a second color highlighting the specific word being read aloud at that moment). User control of read-aloud personalizes the learning experience for each user. Users can control reading speed as well as select between three different high-quality voices--American, British, or Australian. These options also enable teachers and professionals to incorporate the features as a tool for teaching English and reading.

New Oxford University Press Resources

Three new electronic resources are available from Oxford University Press:

Berg Fashion Library
Informed by prestigious academic and library advisors, and anchored by the 10-volume Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, the Berg Fashion Library is the first online resource to provide access to interdisciplinary text, image, and journal content on world dress and fashion. It offers cross-searchable access to an expanding range of essential resources in this discipline of growing importance and relevance and is of use to anyone working in, researching, or studying fashion, anthropology, art history, history, museum studies, and cultural studies. The Berg Fashion Library is now available for subscription.

Oxford History of Western Music
The acclaimed Oxford History of Western Music offers an unmatched narrative account of the evolution of Western classical music, and is being offered for the first time in digital format. The electronic edition will also feature editorially chosen deep links to relevant entries in Grove Music Online to facilitate seamless movement between these two indispensable music resources for customers of both. The Oxford History of Western Music is now available for one-time purchase or subscription.

Oxford Social Explorer
Social Explorer provides libraries, students, and scholars at all levels with quick and easy access to census data from 1790 through present day, as well as demographic information. This easy-to-use resource brings together a vast and growing amount of quantitative data with an intuitive visual interface to make demographic research and the study of social statistics accessible and interactive. Social Explorer will be updated regularly as new data and features become available. Social Explorer will be available for subscription in September.

For trials or pricing, email CPERS.

WilsonWeb Usage Reports Certified COUNTER Compliant

from H.W. Wilson:

Media auditing firm BPA Worldwide has once again certified that database usage reports provided by H.W. Wilson's WilsonWeb service are COUNTER compliant. The COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) Code of Practice for Journal and Database Reports sets standards that help librarians more clearly compare database usage. WilsonWeb usage reports meet the latest standards in both content and format, based on a recent annual audit.

This year, WilsonWeb added two new COUNTER compliant usage reports:

  • Consortium Report 1: Number of Successful Full-Text Journal Article or Book Chapter Requests by Month (XML only)
  • Consortium Report 2: Total Searches by Month and Database (XML only)

The service also offers:

  • Database Report 1 (R3): Searches and Sessions by Month and Database
  • Database Report 2 (R3): Turnaways by Month and Database
  • Database Report 3 (R3): Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Service
  • Journal Report 1 (R3): Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal

Wilson has also implemented the SUSHI protocol in Release 3 of the COUNTER Code of Practice.

Usage reports based on ICOLC standards (Database Usage, Session Usage, Peak Usage, Journal Usage, IP Usage, and Turnaways) also continue on WilsonWeb . All can be downloaded as needed, or automatically every week or month.

New Interface Available for EBSCO's Science Reference Center

from EBSCO:

We are pleased to announce that a new interface has been developed for the Science Reference Center database to which you subscribe. Whether you currently access your SRC subscription via the EBSCOhost, KidsSearch or Student Reference Center interface, you can opt to set up a new profile for the new interface, using EBSCOadmin.

Key features of the new interface include:

  • Browsing subjects as the main navigational theme of the interface
  • Six main science categories in premier locations: Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Scientists and Space Sciences and Astronomy
  • Science categories linked to a list of carefully-reviewed topics within the selected category
  • Topic selection that launches a database search producing highly-relevant results
  • Result List item refinements such as Date Range, Source Type, Title, Subject and other limiters
  • Reference Shelf links to the Dictionary, Science Experiments, Citation Help and a Research Guide
  • A Featured Science Topic of interest, which will be changed regularly

To begin using the new interface for your Science Reference Center database subscription, simply create a new profile in EBSCOadmin, and select Science Reference Center from the expanding interface list. Add your Science Reference Center database to the new profile and you can use the new profile immediately, at no extra charge. If you need assistance setting up your new profile, please contact Technical Support using the EBSCO Online Support Form, or call (800) 758-5995.

If you would like to see what the interface looks like and how it works before setting up your own profile, online training is available here. Look for the Science Reference Center Interface subject in the drop-down class listing menu.

We hope that you find this information useful and encourage you to visit EBSCO's Support Site to learn about all of EBSCO's products, search among thousands of FAQs, or download Flash tutorials, Help Sheets or User Guides, or communicate with Technical Support at any time, using the EBSCO Online Support Form.

News from H.W. Wilson

from H.W. Wilson:

Now in Beta! WilsonWeb for Your Mobile Device
Designed for use on your mobile phone, WilsonWeb Mobile will include many of the popular tools researchers appreciate in the desktop version:

  • Readspeaker text-to-speech converter
  • Full-text article translations
  • Basic and advanced searching
  • Multi-database searching
  • The ability to email results
  • Co-branding, and more
Want a sneak-peak? Be part of our beta test! Contact WilsonWeb Product Manager Bernie Seiler for details. WilsonWeb Mobile will be available free to all WilsonWeb subscribers in August. Find out more about WilsonWeb Mobile here.

More Full Text for WilsonWeb Databases
The famed Cineaste, a leading magazine on the art and politics of the cinema, will soon appear in full text on Wilson's Art Full Text database, along with 5 other outstanding periodicals newly provided in text. WilsonWeb applied science, general science, education, humanities, law, library and information science, and social science databases will also see new additions to their full text coverage, bringing the number of WilsonWeb full text additions to 200 since January 2009. WilsonWeb databases deliver thousands of periodicals in full text. Visit our online journal directory for complete lists of the titles provided in full text for each WilsonWeb database, or click here for lists of additions.

New content for online versions of Children's Core Collection and Sears
Children's Core Collection, A Selection Guide, 20th Edition delivers more than 7,000 new entries, and Sears List of Subject Headings, 20th Edition features more than 300 new headings. All the new content is now also in the Children's Core Collection and Sears List online editions, which are continuously updated.

EBSCO Publishing and NoveList Debut a New Interface

from EBSCO:

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) along with the creators of readers' advisory database NoveList® have released a new interface for all NoveList® and NoveList Plus® products. The new interface will include all the characteristics librarians enjoy along with changes that make recommendations easier to obtain, searching more intuitive, and allows quick access to more content than ever. The updated interface will help librarians and their patrons find their next great read.

EBSCOhost Updates Almost Here

from EBSCO:

As promised, this message signifies that the impending release of new EBSCOhost features and functionality, (announced in June) is about to be implemented. We expect that you will see the updates over the course of Thursday and Friday this week. The following information summarizes the most significant changes on EBSCOhost:

  • The limiter and the date slider column will move from the right to the left of the Result List, a more intuitive position that consolidates the ways users can refine and work with their results in one area. For a look at the updated Result List, you can copy and paste this URL into your browser:
  • Detailed record pages will be more streamlined, and links to full text, your link resolvers, ILL, etc. will be more prominently displayed on the left.
  • Users will be able to select multiple clusters and source types when managing results.
  • There will be an enhanced PDF Viewer, Content Viewer, HTML Full Text, etc.
  • A "breadbox" will show users which limiters, expanders and source types have already been selected, and enable easy removal of these refinements.
  • The Hierarchical Subject Authority File in certain databases will be adjusted to align with the style already in use in our academic databases (screen shots included in this Top Story).
  • Simpler overall interface elements will increase the intuitiveness of the user experience.

For more information on these and other features, visit

EBSCO Medical Searching Upgrades Almost Here

from EBSCO:

As communicated in early June, several medical searching updates will soon become part of CINAHL and MEDLINE subscriptions. We wanted to let you know that the software updates are currently scheduled to be implemented toward the end of this week.

For your convenience, we have created a PowerPoint presentation of the upgrades with screen shots included, to give you a more detailed view of what you can expect when the implementation is complete. To access the PowerPoint, click here.

Please visit EBSCO's Support Site to search among thousands of FAQs and download tutorials, read the latest news in Top Stories, sign up for free, online training, and download support materials for your particular mix of products.

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