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What's New with Teen Health & Wellness

Here's a summary of what's NEW with Teen Health & Wellness for Fall 2010:

  • Instant translation into 50 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Haitian Creole
  • Site optimized for Smartphones to connect anytime, anywhere
  • Social bookmarking allows users to share article links with friends and family
  • Videos throughout, including student created PSAs, add a new level of interactivity
  • Customizable hotlines for local community resources
  • Expanded photos, illustrations, and charts
  • Health calculators⎯Body Mass Index (BMI), budget, blood alcohol content, and more⎯for personalized tips
  • Redesigned home page featuring video and teen created content, highlighting the Personal Story Project
  • New articles (50) including the teen brain, concussions, first aid, being part of a military family, hate crimes, foster care, being GLBT
  • All entries have been updated in 2010, with the majority updated between June and August 2010

For trials or pricing, email CPERS