ScienceDirect and Scopus scheduled outage

from Elsevier:

Dear Customer,

Please note that we have two scheduled outages that will affect the Admin Tool along with the following SciVerse products in the coming weeks:

  • ScienceDirect
  • Scopus
  • Hub
  • Journals Consult

The products and services mentioned above are expected to be offline and unavailable for approximately 4 hours on November 7th and 6 hours on November 13th. During this time, upgrades will be implemented and maintenance performed. Please see below for approximate outage duration by region:

November 7:

  • U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST): 2:00AM -6:00AM

  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 7:00AM-11:00AM

  • Singapore Standard Time (SST): 3:00PM - 7:00PM

November 13:

  • U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST); 8:00AM - 2:00PM

  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 1:00PM-7:00PM

  • Singapore Standard Time (SST): 9:00PM. November 13th - 3:00AM, November 14

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