Enhancing Integration between EBSCO A-to-Z and eBooks/AudioBooks Collections

from EBSCO:

EBSCO A-to-Z® Adminand Reader Site users will soon discover improved search and access for eBooksand AudioBooks collections, as well as many other important upgrades to your existingA-to-Z service.

These new enhancements, set to release on 23 February, willinclude the following features:

Improved support for eBooks

A-to-Z Reader Site changes

End users will immediately notice the additional data elements included for eBooks, such as ISBN, author, and edition. The resource type is also displayed with each result. Improved handling of eBooks includes the ability for the A-to-Z Reader Site user to limit their searching and browsing with the Resource Type search limit on the Titles Tab and Advanced Search Tab (shown below); ISBN and Author search options have also been added to Advanced Search.


Variant and AbbreviatedTitle Searching

Both Basic and Advanced Search modes have been updated to include the variant and abbreviated titles for a given resource in A-to-Z. For instance, a search for "REED Newsletter" will display the variant "Records of Early English Drama Newsletter" on the A-to-Z Admin Site.

Note:Variants will not display on the A-to-Z Reader Site.

A-to-Z Admin changes

Control over the display of the additional book-level metadata on the A-to-Z Reader Site has been incorporated into the Display Options tab under Site Customization, as shown below:


Improved individual title selection in Title List Wizard

Filter options have been introduced to allow searches forindividual titles to be limited by resource type with an option to show or hide"greyed out" titles. Shown below, the Title List Wizard now contains threefilter options: Show titles from Complete databases/packages, ResourceType, and Package Content Type.


Another important feature is the restored ability to use theindividual titles section of the Title List Wizard to unselect a title from afixed package that is already in your collection.

Identify titles ordered through EBSCO

Within A-to-Z Admin, you can identify titles that haveassociated orders. A new search option has been added to the Collection Editortitled "Resources Ordered Through EBSCO." When selected, this will show thelist of package locations with EBSCO orders in the search results, asillustrated in the screenshot below:


Auto-manage eBooks/AudioBook holdings in A-to-Z

A new option called "Update holdings for my eBooks on EBSCOhost"has been added within A-to-Z Admin. When this option is selected, your eBooks on EBSCOhost holdings will automatically synchronize with your A-to-Z collection, thereby improving the accuracy of your A-to-Z list and saving a great deal of time.

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