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EBSCO acquired the H.W. Wilson Company in June of 2011. Since that time we have worked to leverage the strengths of both companies in order to improve existing EBSCOhost databases, develop forthcoming comprehensive resources and enhance existing Wilson databases. There have been questions about the handling of existing Wilson full-text databases. We hope the following will provide the necessary insight regarding EBSCO's desire to continue to make these databases the best they can be.

With regard to the H.W. Wilson full-text databases, as a matter of due diligence, EBSCO investigated the H.W. Wilson full-text licenses with various publishers. Through this process we realized that there were areas that we needed to address:

1) Instances existed where the full-text license with a given publisher was no longer valid, and therefore there was no right to include the full text in a given database. In these cases, EBSCO has either entered into a new agreement with the publisher, or if the full text had to be removed, added new full-text titles to replace those that were not valid. The result is that these databases now have equal or greater full-text coverage than prior to the Wilson/EBSCO merger.

For example, here are the statistics comparing OmniFile Full Text Mega (prior to acquisition) to that same database today:

Active full-text journals & magazines PRIOR = 2,039 (301 embargoed)
Active full-text journals & magazines TODAY = 2,140 (273 embargoed)

Total full-text journals & magazines REMOVED = 309 (48 embargoed)
Total full-text journals & magazines ADDED = 418 (15 embargoed)

REMOVED titles with an embargo of greater than two years = 34
ADDED titles with an embargo of greater than one year = 0

2) In some cases, H.W. Wilson listed titles that were said to have full text, but were in fact no longer contributing active full text. Where possible, EBSCO has reinstated ongoing full text for titles that had been recently stopped prior to the merger. As a result, the statistics shown above are actually not as positive on paper as they are in reality.

3) EBSCO uncovered several gaps in backfile coverage, and continues to license and process full text where applicable to fill these gaps.

4) Because there have been inaccurate suggestions as to EBSCO's policies with these databases, we also wanted to clearly state that there are no instances where EBSCO has proactively removed full-text content from an existing Wilson database where EBSCO has the contractual right to include the full text.

It has taken several months to conduct the research, work with existing publishers, license new content, fill backfile gaps, reinstate ongoing full text, etc. As such, we have not been able to provide definitive title lists for the Wilson full-text databases until now. All Wilson databases can be found on the following web page, and each full-text database has a corresponding title list. Please visit www.ebscohost.com/wilson to gather any specific detail on full-text coverage.

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