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ProQuest Statistical Abstracts webinars

ProQuest is offering webinars to introduce Statistical Abstracts.

Published annually by the Federal Government since 1878, The
Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known
statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps, the
world. You'll find it behind nearly every reference desk in U.S.
libraries as the authoritative go-to source.

In the spring of 2011, the Census Bureau announced that the edition
that year would be the last one produced at government expense.
Despite protests from librarians and journalists and despite petitions
to Congress, the Census Bureau unit that published the Statistical
Abstract was eliminated. Its elimination resulted not from a decline
in the popularity or perceived value of statistical compilations, but
from the need to reduce agency spending while supporting new and
existing data collection efforts.

ProQuest has now taken on responsibility for updating and releasing
this publication, the most used statistical reference tool in U.S.
libraries. We bring to this task 35 years of experience acquiring,
abstracting, and indexing Federal Government statistical publications
and tables.

Please attend this short webinar to learn more about the ProQuest
Statistical Abstract of the United States
- available in the Fall of
2012- by clicking on one of the links below and registering:

  • Introduction to the ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States August 24, 2012 3:30 p.m. (Eastern time)
  • Introduction to the ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States
    August 31, 2012
    11 a.m. (Eastern time)

ebrary Summer School is in Session!

from ebrary:

In addition to the joys of enjoying a well-deserved vacation and welcoming a new fiscal year, summer is also a great time to get all of the tools you need to make the most of your investment in ebrary!

We are pleased to offer you a curriculum of 10 different 1-hour live webinar sessions ranging from ebrary 101 to MARC records and discoverability. Please see below for all course descriptions and dates offered. After each class, each registered participant will receive a copy of the 'Class Notes' - a summary of important points from the session.

Register for Summer School today!

To register for ebrary Summer School, please click here. You may take as few or as many classes as you'd like! We ask that you please register by July 18th to determine whether there are enough attendees to offer each course, but you may still register after this date as well.

For questions or additional information, please email Kelli Gonzalez, ebrary Account Executive.

from ABC-CLIO:

ABC-CLIO is inviting academic libraries to consider our suite of academic databases with this special "Buy One, Get One Free" offer for new and existing customers! Please share this special offer with your member libraries!

  • NEW CUSTOMERS - Subscribe to an ABC-CLIO Academic Database and receive free access to another DB of your choice for one year.
  • EXISTING CUSTOMER - Add a new database subscription to your renewal and receive free access to another new DB of your choice for one year.

A couple of databases that have been favored by academic libraries are Pop Culture Universe and World Religions.

"Pop Culture Universe is ... all about substance. From one perspective, it is an exceptionally clever way to repurpose existing reference content. More significantly, it also includes dozens of lengthy, original essays that are geared toward an academic audience and were written exclusively for this product. This feature makes for a resource that students and researchers of popular culture will happily explore at length." - Library Journal

WRBCC (World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy) heartily recommended to public libraries as well as academic libraries serving religious studies courses. The superb scholarship is combined with the uninflected 'voice' of the signed articles, ease of comparing and contrasting aspects of different religions, and attractive and practical design. An unqualified ten, this is one for the ages." - Library Journal

These e-resources are part of a suite of 13 academic databases offered by ABC-CLIO. Prices range from $439 to $1,079, depending on FTEs with higher discounts on bundle packages.

Please take some time to explore our collection of academic databases with our complimentary preview until September 30, 2012. Feel free to share the access information below with colleagues.


Staff Logins:
UserName: collegestaff
Password: admin

User Logins:
UserName: Academic12
Password: Library

Coming Soon - Gale Genealogy Connect

from Gale:

Introducing Gale Genealogy Connect, the ideal complement to fact/people-based genealogy sources - filling in the rich context and stories surrounding chronology lost in the maze and clutter of the Internet.

Powered by genealogical.com and designed to empower researchers, this advanced online tool also instructs users in proper research methods, helping organize and define goals to build the best possible family tree.

Pre-register for a free trial.

  • More than 1,500 authoritative resources - available for the first time online
  • View in your reader
  • Unlimited, simultaneous 24/7 access
  • Seamless cross-searching across Gale Genealogy Connect collections
  • Available in 38 languages
  • Text-to-speech technology in 13 languages

from Gale:

Gale, part of Cengage Learning and a leading publisher of research and reference resources for libraries, schools and businesses, today announced Business Insights: Essentials, a new resource for research on business, companies and industries built on the same intuitive platform as the recently-announced Business Insights: Global. Business Insights: Essentials will replace Gale's long-standing Business and Company Resource Center database.

"Business and Company Resource Center has served our customers well for the last 12 years, but today's researcher is very different from the users the product was originally designed for," said David Forman, vice president and publisher, Gale. "The new platform and features included in Business Insights: Essentials make it easier for users to not only find information more quickly, but to make connections among disparate data. We are excited to bring this product into the next phase."

Business Insights: Essentials contains all of the content and functionality found in Business and Company Resource Center, however the information is now organized on a more intuitive, user-friendly platform. With this new resource, librarians can more effectively help faculty, students and patrons:

  • investigate investment opportunities;
  • research businesses and find parent-subsidiary relationships;
  • explore market and industry information, SWOT reports, investment reports and business associations;
  • instantly analyze and compare financial and statistical data with interactive charting tools;
  • study product and brand information;
  • compare companies within an industry; and
  • target new customers and inform on potential business opportunities, distribution channels and licensing opportunities

Some of the new tools and features that can be found in Business Insights: Essentials include a robust business glossary of thousands of business terms culled from Gale encyclopedias and Cengage Learning textbooks, Readspeaker (text-to-speech functionality), translation tools for the user interface and article-level translations, citation tools, and interactive charting with the ability to manipulate statistical data and customize charts.

Current Business and Company Resource Center customers can migrate to Business Insights: Essentials at no additional charge. For more information on Business Insights: Essentials, migration from Business and Company Resource Center or to request a trial, please visit http://www.gale.cengage.com/essentials.

from EBSCO:

EBSCO Publishing and the creators of the readers' advisory service, NoveList® announce the launch of LibraryAware™, a new online marketing program designed to meet the growing needs of libraries to create, deliver and measure promotional messages that extend outreach into communities and bring patrons into libraries.

LibraryAware equips librarians with expert tools to reach out to patrons and help them discover the programs, products and services libraries have to offer. Librarians can combine professionally-designed templates with their own pieces of "reusable content" to carry information across an entire suite of promotional materials that can then easily be delivered to customers, community partners, elected officials and the media. LibraryAware improves upon what libraries are already doing by providing continually-updated designs and best practice recommendations as well as a way to integrate messaging easily into popular event software and social media.

With the inclusion of hundreds of images and photographs from Getty Images, one of the world's leading creators and distributors of still imagery, video and multimedia products, as well as a recognized provider of other forms of premium digital content, including music, LibraryAware offers access to professional-grade art that library staff can use alongside their own locally-held collection of images. More than clip art, these images are hand-selected by the LibraryAware team of marketing professionals to address the particular communications and publicity requirements of libraries. As part of its commitment to libraries' success, LibraryAware will continually add to the image collection based on subscriber feedback.

Libraries can spend a lot of time looking for photo images that are both appropriate and legal to use, explains LibraryAware Project Lead Nancy Dowd. "Now, with the collection of images found in LibraryAware, library staff will be able to quickly find and use great quality images. It's an amazing savings of both time and money. Of course, they will still be able to upload their own images and use them in any piece they create. LibraryAware just simplifies the whole process."

Users of LibraryAware will be able to:

  • Create professional looking designs -- regardless of staff skill level
  • Incorporate consistent branding across promotional materials
  • Choose from a wide variety of continually updated designs
  • Learn from featured best practice recommendations/guidelines
  • Better equip the library to deliver messages through all free communication channels
  • Integrate LibraryAware with popular event management software and social media
  • Create and manage all promotional materials in one place

LibraryAware is available as a subscription service to libraries. Uses for the LibraryAware program include a full range of marketing and communication channels including email blasts, e-newsletters, flyers, bookmarks, brochures, website inserts, letters, invitations, and social media.

Learn more about Library Aware at: www.libraryaware.com.

from OCLC:

On Sunday, July 15 from 2:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (-4 GMT) there will be a scheduled service downtime for the FirstSearch service. This temporary service interruption is required so we can upgrade software that supports the service. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

ebrary's Android App Now Live on Google Play

from ebrary:

ebrary is pleased to announce that our Android™ app, which works on millions of devices, is now live on Google Play! Six months after launching our iOS app, you and your researchers now have the most optimized way to access scholarly e-books under all of ebrary's acquisition models and digital content uploaded via DASH!™ (Data Sharing, Fast) - both online and offline - from any Android device in addition to the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.

Get ebrary's Android app on Google Play

Get ebrary's iOS app in the App Store

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