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In addition to the joys of enjoying a well-deserved vacation and welcoming a new fiscal year, summer is also a great time to get all of the tools you need to make the most of your investment in ebrary!

We are pleased to offer you a curriculum of 10 different 1-hour live webinar sessions ranging from ebrary 101 to MARC records and discoverability. Please see below for all course descriptions and dates offered. After each class, each registered participant will receive a copy of the 'Class Notes' - a summary of important points from the session.

Register for Summer School today!

To register for ebrary Summer School, please click here. You may take as few or as many classes as you'd like! We ask that you please register by July 18th to determine whether there are enough attendees to offer each course, but you may still register after this date as well.

For questions or additional information, please email Kelli Gonzalez, ebrary Account Executive.

2012 ebrary Summer School Course Catalog

  • Course 1: ebrary 101: Quick Start Guide
    7/25: 10:00am; W 8/1: 2:30pm (Eastern)
    New to ebrary? Taking this course will provide you with all the basics you need to familiarize yourself with all of our platform's features and functionality. Also covered is how to search, download content, and use the free bookshelf. Shown from an end-user perspective, this is a great 'train the trainers' class.

  • Course 2: ebrary 201: The Admin Toolbox - Streamlining Workflow
    W 7/25: 11:30am; T 7/31: 2:30pm (Eastern)
    This course is specially designed for the librarians who order e-books, run and monitor usage statistics, retrieve MARC records, run the Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) program, use DASH!, and manage settings for the ebrary platform. (Also, anyone who currently uses the Partners site should attend this session.)

    The Admin Tool is your one-stop location for all of these functions and more! Go under the hood and get a more thorough understanding of how you can use these tools to manage your ebrary content efficiently and analyze your program's success.

  • Course 3: ebrary 301: LibGuides, Moodle and Widgets, Oh My!
    M 7/30: 2:30pm; W 8/1: 12:00pm (Eastern)
    Does ebrary offer LibGuides support? Course management system handouts for adjuncts? Does ebrary have search widgets? The answer is yes, and this course will discuss various EASY ways to integrate ebrary into these features (and more)!

  • Course 4: PDA: From Set-up to Evaluation!
    M 7/30: 4:00pm; T 7/31: 10:00am (Eastern)
    Patron Driven Acquisition...everybody's trying it! Regardless of the size of your staff or your budget, you can also start and manage a PDA program efficiently through the ebrary platform.

    Using the Admin Tool, you will see how easy it is to set up your personalized profiles, assign your own fund codes to each, and put the content out there for discovery! Once your program is in motion, you will have all that you need to monitor its success along the way. You will also be able to evaluate your progress throughout the program.

  • Course 5: Taking Your E-book Acquisition Strategy to the Next Level
    R 7/26: 10:00am; R 7/26: 2:00pm or 4:00pm (Eastern)
    You may have started out with a subscription to Academic Complete™ or by purchasing some e-books initially. Now what?

    This workshop will provide you with some ideas for building your e-book collection by sketching out diverse ways to utilize the four different methods of acquiring e-books on the ebrary platform to design a program that addresses your library's unique needs and goals. (A follow-up session can be scheduled with your library to discuss personalized recommendations.)

  • Course 6: What's So Special About Academic Complete?
    M 7/30: 10:00am; W 8/1: 10:00am (Eastern)
    Academic Complete is the first...and still the best e-book subscription offering for academic institutions that want to provide their patrons scholarly content for research and supplementary class reading.

    Find out more about this robust collection of over 77,000 titles (and growing!) and what makes Academic Complete the ideal choice for your students and faculty.

  • Course 7: Technical Support: Resources at Your Service!
    R 7/26: 12:00pm; T 7/31: 2:30pm (Eastern)
    Our technical support team is more than just a Help Desk. They are here to ensure that you have the best possible experience with setting up and managing your ebrary site.

    This is your opportunity to meet one of your Account Consultants, and learn more about where to go for help and how to provide basic troubleshooting for your patrons.

  • Course 8: Downloads and Apps - Set-up for Success!
    W 7/25: 3:30pm; T 7/31: 12:00pm (Eastern)
    Technology moves so fast these days! ebrary now offers the ability to download full documents for offline reading and mobile applications that simulate the online searching environment once enjoyed only on a desktop.

    Learn more about how to use the download functionality (via Adobe Digital Editions) and how you can couple this technology with compatible devices. Also, find out how the iOS (Apple devices) and Android™ apps will enrich your patrons' experiences with ebrary.

  • Course 9: Create Your Own Digital Repository with DASH!
    R 7/26: 2:30pm; T 7/31: 4:00pm Eastern
    Did you know that all Academic Complete and other subscribers have access to a free resource that allows you to upload any digitized content onto the ebrary platform? This is called DASH!™ (Data Sharing, Fast).

    This course shows you how easily you can set up your own digital repository and demonstrates how the content is fully searchable throughout the ebrary platform.

  • Course 10: Make Your MARC: Increasing Discoverability of Your ebrary Content
    W 7/25: 2:00pm; M 7/30: 1:00pm (Eastern)
    You probably know that ebrary provides complimentary MARC records for all content regardless of the acquisition model. But you may not know how to find these records or how to make the most of our compatibility with your other discovery and cataloguing services.

    This course reviews how to retrieve MARC records and the various ways in which you can load them to your current services.

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