EBSCO Ebook Consortial Offer -- Updated Title List

The consortia-eligible title list for the EBSCO ebook consortial offer has been updated.

Remeber: There are no order minimums required to qualify for this offer. Libraries may order as little as a single collection or even a single title.

There are over 155,000 titles available for individual purchase:

Titles can be purchased as 1 simultaneous, 3 simultaneous, or unlimited user models. Pricing for all titles is available in the list contained in the link above.

Perpetual access is provided.

Order Process
In order to qualify for discounts, members must order by requesting a subject set or submitting a list of titles. To purchase individual titles, it is recommended to use the Excel file found on at the link above. Simply copy and paste the Title and Product ID into an email or new Excel file. We will confirm all pricing prior to ordering. The Excel file can be sorted by Publisher, Subject or Publication date.

For quotes on subject sets or to submit lists please send all requests to Mike Murphy at EBSCO.

Titles will be accessible within 24 hours of placing order. Invoicing will occur shortly after December 7th. This is necessary in order to determine how many consortium members purchased Ebooks and to calculate which discount needs to be applied.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Murphy.

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