NoveList Announces New Feature for NoveList Select™ -- E-Resource Recommendations

from EBSCO:

NoveList®, a division of EBSCO Publishing, is introducing a new feature to NoveList Select, its catalog enrichment resource. The new feature adds e-resource recommendations to NoveList Select.The recommendations guide patrons to relevant e-resources--that may have been hidden or hard to find--directly from catalog records. This new feature will benefit libraries looking to make patrons more aware of the wealth of electronic resources available through the library.

Available free with a NoveList Select subscription, e-resource recommendations are comprehensive and vendor-neutral so libraries can promote a wide variety of resources. To ensure that patrons see a list of highly relevant resources specifically tailored to their search, professionals at NoveList have developed the recommendation strategies based on subject headings and also by the reading level of the record. Additional e-resources will be continually added to the list.

Libraries identify which e-resources they have and would like to promote from a pre-defined list. Subject headings in the e-resources are then matched with subject headings in the catalog records. This process enables patrons to see a list of highly relevant recommended e-resources when they view a record in the catalog. A list of available e-resources is available at

Vice President of NoveList, Duncan Smith, says this new feature is a unique solution for libraries looking to promote their e-resources. "Libraries have always struggled to find ways to effectively promote their e-resources. NoveList Select brings the e-resources into a place where patrons are most likely to see them. As a result, patrons know more about what the library offers and usage of e-resources increases."

NoveList Select is the catalog enrichment component of NoveList readers' advisory resources. This component pulls NoveList content into a library's catalog. NoveList Select makes reading recommendations, series information, book discussion guides, Goodreads ratings and reviews, library newsletters and events available to library patrons from within the catalog record. Patrons can find similar titles and authors based on their searches, discover more of the library's collection and sign up for library newsletters and upcoming events.

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