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December 14, 2006

EBSCOhost and EBSCOadmin enhancements

Dear EBSCO Customer,
We are pleased to announce that in early 2007, EBSCOhost and EBSCOadmin will be enhanced to include the following new features.

EBSCOadmin Reports & Statistics Enhancements:

A Row Count Column will be added to HTML reports.
Library administrators will be able to remove the year/month option from consortium reports.
Graphical Reports will feature text and labeling changes for additional clarification.
EBSCOhost Enhancements:
Users who select multiple databases with see a list of databases being searched.
Terms entered in the Find field will be retained when users move among screens.
Advanced Guided Style Search Screen users will have the option, if enabled, to add a (Find field) row to the existing three rows.
The Sign in (to My EBSCOhost) and New Search links will swap positions on the interface.
You will receive a final reminder message a few days before these features become available.
For details and screen shots of these and other new features, please visit the Release Information section (http://support.epnet.com/support_news/release_info.php) of EBSCO's Support Site (http://support.ebsco.com), which also offers thousands of FAQs, downloadable Flash tutorials, Help Sheets, Market Summaries and User Guides. To communicate with our Technical Support staff at any time, please use our convenient EBSCO Support Form.