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July 20, 2007

Gale PowerSearch Interface Cutover

Gale has been sending out updates regarding their new PowerSearch interface and cutover the past few weeks. As part of the national migration date to the PowerSearch interface that was scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at 8pm (EST), four Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) resources were migrated from the old interface to the new PowerSearch interface:

  • Discovering Collection
  • Junior Reference Collection
  • Professional Collection
  • ¡Informe!

The following two ELM resources were not moved to the new interface on July 17: InfoTrac Junior Edition and InfoTrac Student Edition. Kids InfoBits will also retain its graphic interface; so, it will not be migrated to the new interface.

MINITEX will be working with Gale and our Minnesota school media centers and libraries over the next few months for Gale PowerSearch options of InfoTrac Junior Edition and InfoTrac Student Edition. Watch ELM and MINITEX listservs for future news.

So, what's driving the new delivery platform? A super-powered search engine called Gale PowerSearch™ that features innovative cross-searching capabilities! Users can access all the Thomson Gale content in your library's collection by exploring one, several, or all available databases simultaneously.

Visit the Gale website for a guided tour, handouts, and more information are available.

ELM Renewal

MINITEX Library Information Network and Minnesota Department of Education’s State Library Services, our state library agency, are pleased to announce that we have elected to exercise our option to renew the following resources available to Minnesota residents through ELM: Electronic Library for Minnesota:  EBSCO Publishing’s suite of general and scholarly databases aimed primarily at academic, public, and government library users; Gale’s K-12 and Spanish-language electronic resources; OCLC’s WorldCat; and ProQuest’s Newsstand Complete for two additional years (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2009).   In addition, we had indicated to the Minnesota higher education committees our desire to add a health and science database to ELM in FY08 with additional funds. We probably will only be able to add one database with the existing additional funding and no final decision yet has been made.  
Resources currently available through ELM



 Academic Search Premier

Business Source Premier

Regional Business News

MasterFILE Premier





Kids InfoBits

InfoTrac Junior Edition

infoTrac Student Edition

Junior Reference Collection

Discovering Collection

Professional Collection






ProQuest Newsstand Complete


ELM is available online all the time from school, home, work, or @ your library.  Visit www.elm4you.org for access and more information.

July 2, 2007

EBSCO Domain Name Change

Effective June 30, EBSCO changed their domain name to ebscohost (from epnet).

From the EBSCO listserv:


As previously announced in our email communications, and in the Top Story on EBSCO’s Support Site, The EBSCO Publishing domain change is now in effect. EBSCO’s automatic redirect of search.epnet.com (etc.) will end on Saturday, June 30, 2007.

This domain change was concurrent with expanding our data center capacity, and will allow us to provide improved online service.

Please take a moment to ensure that you have made all necessary changes to your EBSCO URL’s to accommodate a smooth transition to the new domain.

PROXY SERVER INSTRUCTIONS: Proxy users MUST add the *.ebscohost.com domain to their proxy configurations in order to ensure uninterrupted access to EBSCOhost. To view a typical configuration example, please see this FAQ:

How will the new EBSCOhost domain changes affect my EZproxy config file?

Here is a complete list of URLs grouped by product that you should add to your list of exceptions as appropriate.

For a list of general questions and answers about this change, please see this FAQ.

Additionally, as the hosting needs of this service continue to increase, it is necessary to expand addressable IP space. Therefore, customers who have a firewall that allows specific IP ranges are asked to add this new IP address block (, and any hosts on ebscohost.com to their allowable ranges, to avoid any blockage of users' access to EBSCOhost products. For assistance with firewall exceptions, please see this FAQ.

For assistance with the domain change or IP address range expansion, please contact EBSCO's Technical Support Department by calling (800) 758-5995, or sending an inquiry via our Ask Us form.

For additional questions or comments contact MINITEX.