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July 18, 2008

New Interface for InfoTrac and PowerSearch

A new interface for all InfoTrac databases and PowerSearch is coming.  After thousands of interviews and the feedback of more than 70,000 locations using PowerSearch, Gale is ready to make a change.

Right now, they offer this quick Flash tour. It just shows some preliminary screens.  They will reveal the new screens to you and all the new features in the next couple of days.

  • The release will not be automatic, so that they don't interrupt your year with a new interface.
  • You can migrate at your own leisure starting early this Fall. 
  • They will also be launching a support site with all the documentation and training you need.

Here are some of the new features you can expect...

  • A new Homepage that allows users to browse key content, customizable by you or the user
  • Users can create their own accounts and manage marked items, alerts, preferences
  • Results lists that bring multimedia to the forefront
  • Enhanced Publication browsing, with cover images for periodicals and eBooks
  • An enhanced Subject Guide, with the ability to filter subject terms by numerous facets

July 16, 2008

EBSCOhost 2.0 is here!

EBSCO has released EBSCOhost 2.0 today.  When accessing EBSCO you will now be searching the EBSCOhost 2.0 interface which is more user-friendly and intuitive.  MINITEX Reference Services staff are offering webinars to introduce you to the changes.  For more information or to register click here.  EBSCO also offers tutorials and information on the new interface here.

July 15, 2008

New EBSCOHost 2.0 Interface Coming Soon

Dear EBSCO Customer,

In just a few days, the long-awaited EBSCOhost 2.0 interface will be fully implemented. Its brand new look and feel, based on extensive user testing and feedback, will provide you with the most powerful, clean and intuitive interface available. This is the first redesign of the EBSCOhost interface since 2002, and its functionality incorporates the latest technological advances.

We have created a wide range of tools and information to streamline your transition to the new design:

We hope that you and your users enjoy the clean new design of EBSCOhost 2.0, and welcome your feedback.

Visit EBSCO's Support Site http://support.ebsco.com to learn about new features, search among thousands of FAQs, download Flash tutorials, Help Sheets or User Guides, or communicate with Technical Support at any time, using the EBSCO Support Form http://support.epnet.com/contact/askus.php.


Marcie Brown
Technical Communications Manager
EBSCO Publishing
10 Estes Street
Ipswich, MA 01938