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July 14, 2010

EBSCOhost Default Setting Updates

from EBSCO:

We have some important news concerning changes to two default settings on the EBSCOhost user interface, scheduled to be made at the beginning of August:

1) The Result List sort will be defaulted to Relevance, from the current Date Sort. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly in favor of this approach to results, which we outlined in a communication this past January. For more information on EBSCO's relevancy ranking and its impact on search results, please see this FAQ.

2) To accommodate the new Result List sort default, we will also be changing the default search option from phrase indexing (all terms entered in the Find field are searched as though enclosed by quotation marks), to W5, which means that all results that contain the terms entered in the Find field within five words of each other will be returned.

You may have changed your Result List default sort to Relevance back in January. If not, we will do this for you when we activate these changes. Or, if for any reason you do not want these two defaults to be applied to your profiles, you have the choice to opt out (not be included), by completing this simple form.

Please act quickly, as we need to have your completed Opt Out form by July 31 in order to suppress these two popular changes in your account. Otherwise, you need do nothing and when the changes are activated, they will become part of your profiles. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Satisfaction team through our support site.